Configuration Management MCQ

Configuration Management multiple choice questions | Configuration Management Objective Type questions | Configuration Management MCQ With answers

1.True or False CM deals only with version control for the build stage work products.

Select the correct option, and click or tap the Submit button.

A) True

B) False

Ans: False

2.Which of the following would be least likely to be a CI?

A) Risk Management Plan

B) Financial Tracking Spreadshee

C) Orientation Materials

D) Project Vacation Tracker

Ans: D

3.Different work products can be placed

A) Under different levels of control

B) In different Cl tools

C) In the RTM

D) In different Cl tools and under

Ans: C

4.Which of the following would be most likely to participate in creating the design baseline?

A) The QPI Liaison

b) The Test Team Lead

C) The Client Team Lead

D) The Design Team Lead

Ans: d

5.What is the best course of action for a tester who wants to find the RTM that was baselined?

A) Use the version last saved on h

B) Go to the CM Plah and look at

C) Ask the Requirements Team Lead for the location of the RTM

D) Look for it in the Library Manag

Ans: b

6. True or False: The Configuration Manager is responsible for maintaining the CM library.

Ans: true

7.CM prevents unauthorized access to assets and facilitates future maintenance efforts

ans – True

8. In the CM process, you must select a CM Tool before you determine the appropriate level of CM control

Ans – False

9.The CM Plan is an input for the CM Planning Process.

Ans – False

10.Which of the following are considerations for analyzing change requests?

A) Coordination with other Team Leads to accurately determine the impact of the change and resulting work

B) Use of the project’s estimation

C) Documenting assumptions for

D) All of the above

Ans: D

11.Which of the following should be considered prior to implementing and migrating the change

(A) Has the change been authorized?

B) Has the change been reviewed

C) Has funding been allocated if n

D) Has the change been communicated

E) Has the change been communicated to end users?

Ans: A C D E

12.Sal “As I understand it, you have to do a Physical Audit and a Functional Audit at least once before the end of each stage is that true ?

Ans – That is true

13.Sal: “Who is responsible for changing the status of the CR to “closed”?

A) The Engagement Partner

B) The member of the testing team who found the CR

C) The Configuration Manager

D) The Project Manager

Ans: B

14.Sal “What do I need to consider when thinking about communicating CM status?”

A) The project’s duration and development stage

B) The project’s development stage and network connectivity

C) The project’s duration and level of CM risk

D) The project’s development stage and the level of CM risk

Ans: C

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