Communication in English Multiple Choice Questions and answers pdf

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1. The design of a document can communicate all o fthe following EXCEPT

A) the relationship the writer wants to have

with the reader.

B) the level of professionalism of the writer.

C) the level of formality of the document.

D) the quality of the written content in the


Ans : D 

2. Good document design is particularly important for

A) Post-it notes 

B) Text messages

C) Brochures

D) E-mail messages 

Ans : C 

3. Which of the following would be considered a violation of a convention?

A) A sales letter is computer generated on

preprinted letterhead.

B) Clipart is included in a PowerPoint


C) A business report is printed on legal-size


D) A resume is sent in an electronic format 

Ans : C 

4. Which of the following is an example of the inter level of communication design described by Communications Professor Charles Kostelnick?

A) A report from the human resources

department includes an organizational chart.

B) A brochure uses a large bold font for its


C) A policy and procedures manual uses a

consistent design, layout, and color theme on

all the pages of the document.

D) A bullet list is inserted in the middle of a

printed page to present a series of five key


Ans : D 

5. A company’s business plan includes four graphs,one diagram, and several photos that are strategically placed within the document. This is example of which of Communications Professor Charles Kostelnick’s levels of communication design?

A) Extra

B) Intra

C) Supra

D) Inte 

Ans : A 

6. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of headings?

A) They make a document shorter.

B) They break up the page, making it look less

formidable and more interesting.

C) They enable your reader to see how the

document is organized at a glance.

D) They help your reader to turn quickly to

sections of special interest. 

Ans : A 

7. Kelly made one design error in the business document she just prepared. What is the mistake?

A) She used white space to separate and

emphasize points.

B) She typed the document in all capital


C) She only used two different fonts.

D) She put the most important element in the

top left quadrant of the page. 

Ans : B 

8. Which of the following is a way to effectively create white space?

A) Use paragraphs of uniform length.

B) Avoid using lists.

C) Increase the font size.

D) Insert headings where topics change 

Ans : D 

9. You are preparing a one-page handout for a business presentation that will include a small photo of a new prototype you hope to design. So that the photo gets maximum emphasis on a page otherwise filled with text, place it

A) in the top left quadrant of the page

B) in the bottom left quadrant of the page.

C) in the center of the page

D) on the back of the page 

Ans : A 

10. A company’s total budget is allocated among six departments in unequal amounts. The best visual to show the proportionate share that each department will receive is a

A) table

B) bar chart

C) line graph

D) pie chart 

Ans : D 

11. Which of the following is NOT a design issue to address when creating visually attractive documents?

A) Headings 

B) Grammatical errors

C) White space

D) Font styles 

Ans : B  

12. When you are presenting a series of numbers in a business document, you should use a

A) line graph

B) table

C) pie chart

D) bar chart 

Ans : B 

13. For which situation would a bar chart NOT be an appropriate visual?

A) Presenting the sum of the components of

an item

B) Comparing a segment of a whole to another

segment of the whole

C) Comparing items over time

D) Comparing a segment of a whole to the


Ans : D 

14. Which would mean that headings are in parallel format?

A) All headings appear in all capital letters.

B) All headings are either a question or a


C) All headings are in 16 pt. red Veranda font.

D) All headings are a complete sentence. 

Ans : D 

15. Which of the following would be characteristic of an effective marketing brochure?

A) Right justified text on all the inside panels

B) Use of lists

C) Use of six different fonts

D) Long paragraphs of descriptive text 

Ans : B 

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