Cloud Transformation Objective Type Questions

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Q31. Which of the following plugin in Jenkins?

a. metrics tool

d. All the above

c. code coverage, tool

b. static analysis tool

Ans: d

Q32.Which of the following plugin in Jenkins?

A. HTML publisher

D.All of the above

C. Amazon EC2

B.Maven 2 project

Ans: d

Q33. Which of the following SCM tool Jenkins supports?

A. Subversion

B. All of the above

C. Git


Ans: b

Q34. XL Deploy (XLD) is

a. is an end-to-end pipeline orchestrator for DevOps and continuous delivery

b. automation solution that allows non-experts to perform application deployments


d. none

Ans: c

Q35. What is the command used to create key-pairs (public/private keys) in Unix/Linux/Mac?

a. create-key-pair id_rsa.pri

C. only third-party certification authorities can generate key-pairs

d. None

b. ssh-keygen

Ans: b

Q36.What are the points of contact for CloudEndure’s components with the external network?

A. The CloudEndure Agent needs to communicate with the CloudEndure Service Manager

B. The CloudEndure Agent needs to communicate with the CloudEndure Replication Servers

C. CloudEndure Replication Servers need to communicate with the CloudEndure Service Manager and

D. All the above

Ans: b

Q37. The Installation Tokens are unique to Account and should be kept secured.

Ans – True

Q38. The replicated data before being moved into the Staging Area, the data is encrypted and compressed when transfered over TCP Port 1500 in the Source infrastructure.

Ans – True

Q39.Installation Taken for each Project can be obtained from


B.Machines Machine Actions > How to add machines

C.Setup & Info

D. Job Progress

Ans: c

Q40. Identify all the command used in Unix/Linux/Mac terminals to connect to a remote unix box

a. sftp rps@rpslabs

d. ssh-irps.pem rps@rpslabs

c. ssh rps@rpslabs

b. scp rps@rpslabs

Ans: c d

Q41. CloudEndure Project can be deleted over CloudEndure console using

A. Setup & Info > Replication Settings

B. Setup & Info > Other Settings

C. Project Actions

D. Blueprint

Ans: c

Q42. What is Git?

a. Distributed Version Control System

b. application virtualization technology

c. All the above

d. None

Ans: a

Q43. Cloud Endure does not support OS-based disk encryption features such as BitLocker. These should be disabled before using any CloudEndure services.

Ans – True

Q44. Select the command used to copy a ssh public key from your linux box to a remote box

a. ssh-copy -i /home/rps/id_rsa rps@rpslabs

b. ssh-copy-id – 1 / h * ome / r * ps / i * d rps@rpslabs

c. ssh-copy-id- 17home / r * ps / i * d rps@rpslabs

d. none

Ans: c

Q45. Communication between source and target occurs over

A. Port 443

B Both a & b

C. None

D. Port 1500

Ans: a

Q46. Select the command used to add rps user to the docker user group

a. sudo useradd docker rps

c. sudo usermod rps docker

b. sudo usermod docker rps

d. none

Ans: b

Q47. Target Staging area configurations such as Enabling Volume encryption, staging area tags, use vpn or DirectConnect etc are updated in CloudEndure console for each CE Project under

A. Setup & Info > Replication Settings

B. Setup & Info > Other Settings

C. Project Actions

D. Blueprint

Ans: a

Q48. Which of the following is not a maven goal?

A. clean

B. package

C. debug

D. install

Ans: c

Q49. You have an Azure application gateway named AppGW1 that balances requests to a web app named App1. You need to modify the server variables in the response header of App1 What should you configure on AppGW1?

A. HTTP Settings

B. listeners

C. rewrites


Ans: c

Q50. On Docker Hub you get ten private repositories for free with your Docker Hub user account. If you need more accounts you can upgrade your Docker Hub plan.

Ans – False

Q51. Which load balancing strategy does the Application Gateway implement? Select one.

A. Distributes requests to each available server in a backend pool, in turn, round-robin.

B. Distributes requests to the server in the backend pool with the lightest load.

C. Uses one server in the backend pool until that server reaches next server. ure load, then moves to the

D.Palls each server in the backend pool in turn and sends the request to the first server that responds at fals

Ans: a

Q52. You are the team leader. You are addressing your team about load balancing and various Azure load balancing services. Which of the following statements would you use to describe the Azure Front Door load balancing service

A. DNS-based traffic load balancing service that allows optimal distribution of the traffic to services across global Azure regions, offering high responsiveness and availability

B. An application delivery network that offers global load balancing and site acceleration services for web applications with its layer seven capabilities

C. A high-performance and ultra low-latency Layer 4 load balancing ser service (inbound & outbound) for all TCP and UDP protocols

D.A load balancing option that offers an application delivery controller (ADC) as a service, supporting different Layer 7 load balancing capabilities

Ans: b

Q53. _____is the central application in the AWS portfolio.

A. Amazon Simple Queue Service

B.Amazon Simple Notification Service

C. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

D All of the above

Ans: c

Q54. Which of below is not a dependency management tool?

A. Ant

B. Jenkins

C. Gradle

D. Maven

Ans: b

Q55. Following Docker command docker push user_name/repository_name is used to:

A.Push changes done in an docker image into Docker Hub

B.Commit changes done in an docker image

C. Build an image

D. Activate default VM machine

Ans: a

Q56. ___is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications.

A. Docker Swam

B. Docker Compose

C. Docker Cloud

D. Docker Hub

Ans: b

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