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Hello friends in this post we are going to discuss about Cloud Automation DevOps MCQ with answers| Cloud Automation DevOps Multiple choice questions| Cloud Automation DevOps objective type questions| Cloud Automation DevOps Accenture Questions Answers

Q1.Which one of these is Build tools?





E. Gradle

Ans: d

Q2.Which tool/platform cannot be used to provision AWS Services as scripts?

A.AWS Cloudformation
B.AWS Console

Ans: d

Q3. which among following is NOT the benefit of DevOps?

A.Implant Manual Errors
B. Enables anyone to perform tasks
C. Enable speed, reliability
E. Both 1&2

Ans: a

Q4.Which git command allows downloading from repository?




D. clone

Ans: d

Q5.Which one of those is a double type variable?

A. 4

B. 2.36

C.Hello World

D. Augusta = 1234567

Ans: b

Q6. Where are user passwords stored?

A. /etc/password

B. /root/passwd

C. /etc/passwd

D. /root/password

Ans: c

Q7. How to set timezone in a VM?

A.timedatectl set-zone zonename
B.timedatectl timezone zonename
C.timedatectl set-timezone zonename
D. timedatecti zone zonename

Ans: c

Q8.Which of these options is not a WebElement method?

A. getText()

Ans: c

Q9. What are the possible actions you will perform to fix a broken build in Jenkins?

A.Check console output for missing file changes
B.Clean and update local workspace
C.All of the above
D.Check job configuration

Ans: c

Q10. What are the best practices of CI?

A.Automate build and deployment
B.Test in a clone of the production environment
C.Make the build fast and self-testing
D.All of the above

Ans: d

Q11.Which file is used to define dependency in Maven?


Ans: c

Q12. How to upgrade Jenkins installation?

A.Using jenkins war file or through web interface
B.Using jenkins war file only
C. Depends on platform support
D. Cannot upgrade

Ans: a

Q13. How can you trigger a build job?

A.Start a build job once another build job is completed
B.Kick off builds at periodical intervals
C. Poll the SCM for changes
D.All of the above

Ans: d

Q14.How can we stop a Jenkins job from being executed temporarily?

A.Delete the project
B.Cancel the project
C.Abort the project
D.Disable the project

Ans: d

Q15. Why do we get an error ‘SSL CRIFY_FAILED’ in Windows under Ansible?

A. When Ansible controller is working on Python 2.7.9+ or an older version.
B. When Ansible controller is working on current Python version
C. If certificate cannot be validated None of the above material
D.1 & 3

Ans: b

Q16. How to increase the Ansible reboot module to more than 600 seconds? Reboot a Linux system reboot:
reboot timeout: 1000
B. name: Reboot a Linux system reboot:
reboot_Stimeout: 1000 emat Reboot a Linux system reboot
$reboottimeout: 1000 Reboot a Linux system reboot:
$reboot_timeout: 1000

Ans: a

Q17.What is the default location of Inventory file?

A. /etc/ansible/hosts

B. /etc/configurations

C. /etc/ansible

D. /etc/inventory

Ans: a

Q18.Your company has been using a paid cloud management tool to manage resorces in Azure. Dua to some upper management decisions, the company wants to discontinue this paid cloud mangement tool,and leverage open-source Terraform to move towards Infrastructure as as code and save cost. Now your boss asked you to explore Terraform to manage existing Azure resources. How can it be done without recreating existing resources?

A. Existing resources can not be managed by open-source Terraform. You need a paid version to import existing infrastructure directly to the Terraform cloud state.
B. You can use the Terraform export command to add exsisting infrastructure to Terraform’s state file, so that Terraform is aware of and can manage that infrastructure.
C. You have to stop your exsisting resources,and then use Terraform import command with resource-id to import all resources one by one to Terraform state.
D. You can use the Terraform import command to add exsisting infrastructure to Terraform’s state file, so that Terraform is aware of and can manage that infrastructure. emai

Ans: b

Q19. How is the Terraform remote backend different than other state backends such as S3. Consul etc ?

A. It does not show the ouptput of a Terraform apply locally.
B. It can execute Terraform runs on dedicated infrastructure on premises or in Terraform
C. It is only available to paying customers.
D.All of the above.

Ans: b

Q20. Sentinel is _______. kind of service that prevents the provisioning of out-of-policy

A. Passive

B. Active

C. Reactive

D. Proactive

Ans: d

Q21. Terraform cannot reason about what the provisioner does. Hence, if a creation-time provisioner falls for a resource, Terraform will plan to destroy and recreate resources upon the next Terraform apply.

Ans – True

Q22. Let us say you are using AWS provider and you need to create two EC2 instances in two different AWS regions. Is it possible to create resources in more than one region with a single configuration?

A. No, it is not possible with single configuration.

B. Yes,we would need to define two provider block one for each region. For each additional non-default configuration, use the alias meta-argument to provide a new name segment.

Ans: b

Q23. You have a Terraform configuration file which has resources to be deployed in cloud. If you run Terraform apply 3 times to the same terraform configuration file the resources be created 3 times in cloud platform.

Ans – False

Q24. You can set variables declared in the root module using CLI options and environment variables. But to set variables declared in child modules, you should pass their values in the module block.

Ans – True

Q25. How does the Infrastructure as a Code(laaC) make infrastructure more reliable? Choose 4 correct answers.

A.laaC automates infrastructure changes. It has no relation to its reliability.

B. With laaC, we can test the code and review the results before the code is applied to our target environments.

C. Since code is checked into version control system such as GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket etc., It is possible to review how the infrastructure evolves over the time.

D.laaC makes changes idempotent, consistent, repeatable and predictable.

E. Without laaC, an operator might open multiple sessions during infrastructure changes which often results in skipped steps that can cause slight differences between servers that trials emai compound over time and could impact their perforability or security.

Ans: a b c e

Q26. Which command automatically updates configurations in the current directory for easy readability and consistency?

A. terraform fmt
B. terraform validate
C. terraform format
D. terraform plan
E. terraform init

Ans: a

Q27. What is the workflow for deploying new infastucture with Terraform?

A. Terraform plan to import the current infrastucture to the the state file,make code changes and apply to update the infrastructure.
B.Write a Terraform configuration, run Terraform init, run Terraform plan to view planned infrastructure changes, and apply to create new infrastructure.

C. Write a terraform configuration,run terraform show to view proposed changes, a create new infrastructure. apply to

D. Terraform plan to import the current infrastructure to the state file,make apply to update the infrastructure. atia changes, and

Ans: b

Q28.How do you upgrade the Ansible version to the specific version using one-line command?

A. sudo pip install ansible=version-number=

B. sudo install ansible=<version-number>=

C ansible=<version-number>=

Ans: a

Q29. Which one word command is used to initiate actions on a host without using a playbook?

A. ad hoc

B. deploy

C. cmd

D. task

Ans: a

Q30. How to you create encrypted files in Ansible?

A.$ ansible-vault create filename.yaml
B.$ ansible-vault create filename
C. $ ansible-vault filename.yaml
D.$ ansible-vault create file.yaml

Ans: d

Q31.Is there a way to get Ansible to identify target hosts that are unreachable/dead?

A. Yes, this can be done by setting server_alive_poll to true in inventory file

B. Yes, this can be done by adding -o ServerAliveinterval-NumberOfSeconds in from ansible.cfg args

C. Yes, this can be done by adding ServerAliveinterval into global SSH configuration

D. Both 2 and 3

E. 12 and 3

Ans: d

Q32. By default, where does Ansible look for roles? (Select more than one)

A. ln/ etc / ansible / roles

B. specfied in roles path in ansible.cfg file

C. In a directory called roles, relative to the playbook file

Ans: a c

Q33._______is a combination of multiple pie working together to become an automation tool


B. Git

C. Chef

D. Bugzilla

Ans: a

Q34. _____are global variables which store details about the system, such as network Interfaces or operating system

A. Environmental Variable

B. Module

C. Inventory

D. Facts

Ans: d

Q35.Which tool can be used to perform static code analysis for .net project?

A. MsBuild

B. Stash

C. Gradle

D. FxCop

Ans: d

Q36. Which of the following is not support by CI?

A. Automated build process

B. Automated code quality checks

C. Automated deployment to production

D. Automated unit test

Ans: c

Q37.In which directory are the settings, logs and configurations are stored?

A. Jenkins_workspace

B.Jenkins Home

C.Jenkins nodes


Ans: b

Q38. What are the 4 types Of Format Commands that can be used to format data? a)Format-Wide b)Format-Text c)Format-Table d)Format-Custom e)Format-List

ans – a,c,d,e

Q38.What is the output of this program? #l/bin/bash echo “Which file do you want to check” read x until [- o * sx do if [Sa = y] ; then touch Sx fi echo “The file does not exit. Do you want to coate ? y/n” read a echo “Your file has been created successfully done echo “the file is present in this directory exit 0

A. It checks the existence of your entered file in the present working directory

B. It creates the file if file does not exist c. Program runs until you create the file

D. All of the mentioned

Ans: a

Q39. What is the alternate command for “echo”?





Ans: c

Q41. How can you rename a variable?

A. Rename-Item-Path Env: MyVariable -NewName MyRenamed Var

B.Rename-Item-Path Env: MyVariable -NewName

C.Rename-Item- Path Env: MyVariableName MyRenamedVar

D.Rename-Item- Path Env: MyVariable -NewName MyVar

Ans: a

Q42. How much memory space does Linux occupy?

A. 4MB


C. 8MB


Ans: a

Q43.Which sign considers the entire set of positional parameters as a single string?




D. $@

Ans: a

44.What is the other name of new shell?

A.Baby Shell

B.Assistant Shell

C.Junior Shell

D.Child Shell

Ans: d

Q45.To what does pipeline in Continuous Delivery refer?





Ans: d

Q46.Which ones can be used for Deployment?

A. C and d

B. All

C. Ansible



Ans: b

Q47.Which type of Architecture helps in efficiency improvement and Testability?

A. API based

B. Loose-defined

C. None

D. Tightly-coupled

Ans: b

Q48.What is “R” in the MTTR?





Ans: b

Q49.Which among these are Open Source tools?




D.Both 1&2


Ans: a

Ans: b

Q50. What is “point” in RPO?

A.Last Saved

B.Last Baselined

C.Acceptable time


Ans: c

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