Automation Multiple Choice Questions Answer

1.How does Robotic Process Automation (RPA) differ from Intelligent Automation

A. RPA is more expensive to implement than IA.
B. RPA is more complex to design and implement than IA.
C. RPA is not compatible with existing applications, unlike IA.
D. RPA can be implemented more quickly than IA.


2.What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

A. a protocol that allowssoftware to replicate human-to-human communications
B. a technology that allows software to replicate human actions to execute business processes


3.What is the first step in developing an automation strategy?

A. developing a comprehensive automation training program

B. identifying where automation can make the most impact

C. selecting a vendor to build the proposed automation solution

D. determining the number of automated bots each process requires


4.Which process would benefit from the use of RPA?

A.generating social media content to interact with customers
B.gathering patient data to schedule appointments at hospitals
C.editing and proofreading scientific papers to remove errors
D.determining timelines for key deliverables for an Agile team


5.Which type of work would be a good candidate for improvement through automation?

Ans – Repetitive day to day tasks in an office environment

6.How does Accenture’s myWizard assist clients in beginning their automation journey?

Ans – by helping the client create,implement,and measure enterprise wide automation strategies

7.A regional bank implemented an automated solution to streamline their operations for receiving and processing checks/cheques. They would like to further enhance the solution to recognize signs of potential check fraud and alert their security teams accordingly.

Ans – Machine Learning

8.What is a Digital Worker?

ans – an advanced bot capable of managing more complex, multi-faceted situations

9.What is a “job” as -it relates to automation?

ans – a specific sequence of tasks and operations for an automated process

10.An Accenture client already has an extensive amount of automated solutions in place, but would like to improve the ways their people and technology work together, along with uncovering data-driven insights.
Which Accenture platform would best help the client in this scenario?

Ans – SynOps

11.What is a best practice when approaching an automation effort?

Ans – eliminating the need for a technical support team

12.What is an example of an Intelligent Automation solution that makes use of Artificial Intelligence?

Ans – recognizing and classifying images

13.A programmer creates a bot that uses artificial intelligence to scan the text of customer feedback e-mails. The bot analyzes the wording in the emails to determine whether they are positive or negative, and then accordingly routes the e-mails to customer service representatives for follow-up. Which technique is illustrated here?

Ans – Sentiment Analysis

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