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1.Which technique allows organizations to better utilize Consume language models to suit their own specific needs?

A.model compression
B. domain adaptation
C. prompt engineering
D. data augmentation


2.Why is narrow intelligence useful?

A.It allows Al to be available only on specific platforms.

B It allows for Al to be more task-specific in its usage.

C. It allows one algorithm to perform multiple functions.

D.It allows a system to closely replicate human emotions.


3.What is something an organization must do in order drive maximum value from AI?

A.develop all of its own Al algorithms internally
B.allow Al to make organizational decisions
C.devote the majority of its budget to Al
D.migrate its data platforms to the cloud


4.What is an advantage of narrow, or ‘weak’, Al ? focuses on a specialized ability.
B.It can quickly learn to do new things.
C.It implements ethical algorithms.
D.It automatically eliminates bias.


5.What has helped enable the growth of applied Al in recent years?

A.the widespread adoption of more lenient data usage regulations

B.a greater need for data to track customer purchasing decisions

C.the availability of ready-to-go frameworks at a reasonable cost increase in the development of social-media platforms


6.Why are major tech organizations, including Accenture, focused on ethical AI? expand adoption and increase revenue build computer-readable explanations avoid bias and increase transparency create Artificial General Intelligence


7.What is one of the main focus areas for tech companies such as Microsoft and Google in response to Responsible AI?

A.They describe their Al ethics and principles in public reports.

B.They leave all decision-making to Al in order to eliminate bias.

C.They keep all details of their Al operations strictly confidential.

D.They ban further research on Artificial General intelligence.


8.What enables services such as Amazon or Netflix to make personalized recommendations?

A. natural language processing

B.neural networks

C.machine learning

D.algorithmic blas


9.What is the aim of Accenture’s Total Enterprise Reinvention strategy? establish governance frameworks to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and best practice guidelines set a new performance frontier for companies to drive growth and optimize operations through a strong digital core prioritize cybersecurity and risk management to protect critical data from threats and vulnerabilities optimize an organizations existing infrastructure to ensure cost-effectiveness in supporting business operations


10.Which prompt is an example of using Personas in Generative Al?

A.”Predict what the weather will be like next week based on historical trends.”

B. “Create an image of a dog chasing a kite through a corn field.”

C.”Write a poem about elephants in the style of William Shakespeare.”

D. “Find out what caused the vehicle’s engine to malfunction.”


11.What is a benefit of Consume LLMs like ChatGPT?

A.They are readily available and easy to access.

B.They can be fully customized as needed

C.They fully eliminate the possibility of deep fakes.

D.They use a very small amount of data in the model.


12.What type of approach describes multiple types of Al working together?






13.A data scientist is writing a Machine Learning (ML) algorithm using a large data set. What is produced when the data scientist compiles the code?

A.a Bayesian network

B.a neural network

C. a graph

D. a model


14.What is Machine Learning (ML)?

A.The process of making assumptions about existing customers to guide future business decisions

B.The process of using specialized hardware resources to present patterns in situational data.

C.The process of taking existing data and analyzing it to identify patterns and to make better predictions about new data

D.The process of taking new data and applying various off-the-shelf algorithms to understand older data.


15.What does the term “The Al Effect describe?

A.the tendency for humans to over-rely on Al and automated decision-making systems

B.the generation of Al outputs that appear plausible but are factually incorrect

C the tendency to downplay the capabilities of Al systems once they are widely adopted

D.the phenomenon where the learned concepts of an Al system change over time


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