Agile Objective Type Questions with Answers

Hello friends in this article we are going to discuss about Agile Multiple Choice Questions with answers | Agile Objective type questions with answers | Agile Quiz with answers | Mannar and company kick started mcq with answer

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Q21.Which of the following BEST represent the Scrum approach to planning?

A.Planning is a continuous activity done jointly by Scrum Master and Product Owner
B.Detailed planning is done upfront and not revisited
C.Whole team together does just enough upfront planning followed by continuous planning throughout the project First
D.Only planning in Scrum is the Sprint Planning

Ans: C,D

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Q22.Which of these are the needed actions to realize TCS vision of “0-4-2.?

A.Agile Ready Partnership Review Not sure
B.All get Agile Certified
C.Agile Ready Workforce
D.Top-to-bottom Enterprise Agile Company ourselves
E.Agile Ready Workplace

Ans: A,C,D,E

Q23.Providing additional feature without clear
understanding of the business need – What is this category of waste?

B.We do it all the time It is not a waste.
C.Over Production
E.Over Processing

Ans: C

Q24.Which of the following statements about changing In traditional way of software development, once the requirements are baselined, further changes should undergo heavy change control process Review Changes are acceptable till design but once development starts, any further change should be rejected 24 Which of the following statements about changing requirements in software development, are correct?

A.In traditional way of software development, once the requirements are base lined,further changes should undergo heavy change control process Review
B.Changes are acceptable till design but once development starts, any further
change should be rejected

C.In traditional way of software development, once the requirements are base lined,further changes can be easily accepted with light process.
D.Organizations must adapt to rapidly changing market conditions to stay relevant in

Ans: A,D

Q25.Which framework prescribes User Story as the format for backlog items?

C.Crystal 0 Extreme Programming

Ans: A

Q26.A Scrum Team works on a 4 weeks Sprint. After new Sprints, the team finds that they spend more effort on unit testing, as the code base size has increased. What can be BEST recommended for this team?

A.Unit testing is not fun anyway. As a self-organized team, choose to ignore the unit testing
B.Adopt practices like test automation from other frameworks like XP
C.Increase the duration of the sprint from 4 weeks to 6 weeks
D.Add two more temporary testers
E.Form a separate Testing team

Ans: B

Q27.Scrum defines roles events and artifacts


Ans: A

Q28.The time box for a Daily Scrum is

A.Two minutes per person
B.15 minutes First
C.2 ms
D.No time box 0 30 minutes

Ans: B

Q29.On the last day of the sprint, a scrum team named almostdone is ready to show their work but requires just 2 more days to complete the testing. what should the scrum master recommend? ​

A.Extend the Splint by two days so that the team can complete the work

B.Close the sprint on time

Ans: B

Q30.there are two product development team team toyzin and team zon team toyzon follow traditional way and team zon follow agile want of working which team has higher chance to provide early benefit to the customer​

A.Team ToyZon
B.Team Zon

Ans: B

Q31.Match the framework to its author(s) in the order of
listing: Scrum; Crystal; Extreme programming

A.Kent Beck Alistair Cockburn, Ken Schwaber and Jeff
B.Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland; Kent Beck; Alistair Cockburn
C.Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland; Alistair Cockburn; Kent
D.Alistair Cockburn Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland Kent
E.Takeuchi and klonaka: Alistair Cockburn; Kent

Ans: C

Q32.Jerald is a leader of a TCS Customer Account. He learnt that the company’s aspiration on Agile is to become 100% Agile by 2020. He gathered his Agile Experts within the account and asked them for a plan to transition from current way of working to 100% Agile way of working as defined in the text book. Jerald correctly understood TCS aspiration.



Q33.John, a team member, has completed EO -Agile for Beginners. He wants to contribute to TCS Agile Vision. He wants to find out what is planned for his account. Whom should he contact for details?

A.Account Leadership
B.Customer Leadership
C.HR Manager

Ans: A

Q34.What is the purpose of Sprint Review’?

A.Product Owner can show the progress to the stakeholders and get the approval to release the work to the production
B.To assess the team’s productivity and possibly record the assessment score
against the performance
C.To inspect the working software with the key stakeholders and take the insights from the feedback to next
D.So that the Scrum Team can reorganize for the next
E.Stakeholders and team discuss the Sprint Backlog for next

Ans: C

Q35.Mannar & Company kick started a major cross company project that involved working with multiple business unit leaders to build enterprise wide platform. Impressed by the success of small projects in Agile: company leadership enforced Agile in this transformation project. Shortly after few Sprints, teams witnessed that The Product Owner was not able to build consensus among the business unit leaders on requirements. There were several political aspects behind the collaboration. What went wrong?

A.For large transformation projects, Design Thinking is required before
B.Agile is based on trust and collaboration so that consensus can be arrived at
quickly. This scenario did not have that
C.Agile doesn’t require any pre-requisites. It works very well in all context. In this scenario: the Product Owner doesn’t seem to be competent

Ans: B

Q36._____improves the flow of business idea through its development and release to users

A.Waterfall method
B.DevOps practices First
C.Beta release
D.Change Control Board (CCB)

Ans: B

Q37.A team is having the first Sprint Planning meeting. What are the activities that the team must perform during the meeting?

A.The team must discuss the problems encountered in the earlier project
B.Team chooses the Product Backlog Items to work in the Sprint and crafts a Sprint Goal.
C.Team must draw up the Release Plan for the final product
D.Each team member should come prepared with their version of the plan
E.The team must look at the project plan prepared by the Product Owner and
understand their tasks

Ans: B

Q38.Which of these are Agile estimation techniques?

A.Full Upfront Estimates
B.Planning Poker First
C.Work Breakdown Structure
D.T Shirt sizing

Ans: B,D

Q39.Which of the following statements BEST describe why Agile is winning?

A.Products produced by an Agile approach are cheaper than those produced by
any other approach
B.Agile increases the chances of delivering early business value to the market and quickly incorporate the feedback from the market usage First
C.Products have faster time to market but may not meet immediate customer needs
D.Products are expensive when compared with products produced by other
approaches, but are of top quality.

Ans: B

Q40.What is MOST likely to happen if the Product Owner is not available during a Sprint?

A.The team self-organizes itself to create value
B.The Business Analyst helps the team until the Product Owner returns
C.The Sprint deliverables may not be of desired value
D.The Scrum Master plays the role of Product Owner First
E.Scrum Master terminates the Sprint and waits for the Product Owner to return

Ans: A



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