SAP BODS MCQs with Answers

hello friends in this post we are going to discuss about SAP BODS RT1 Techgenics Stream MCQ

Q1.Among the following what is designed for query and analysis rather than for transaction processing

A. Data warehouse
B. ETL tool
C. Database

Ans: A

Q2.Choose the features of OLTP (3 best options)

A.CUD centric
B.Batch processing
C. Historical data
D.Query centric
E.ER modelling
F.Current up to date

Ans: A C

Q3 . After approval of the requisition, what is created which has details of the items to be purchased, quantity, price elc along with Vendor and shipping information/address

A.Purchase Order (PO)
B.Goods Recept
D.Invoke Verification

Ans: A

Q4.What is true about ERP system

A.It provides optimization across all departments
B.Huge amounts of data is not required to get desired results
C.It helps management by supporting long terms business planning
D.All the options

Ans: A C

Q5.What is highest level object?

A.It is the object that is not dependent of any object in the object hierarchy
B.It is the object that is dependent of all other object in the object hierarchy
C. It is the object that is dependent of some object in the object hierarchy

Ans: A

Q6.In a scenario, you might want a workflow to wait until they system writes a particular file. What can be used to check the existence of the file? Choose 2 best options.

A.Use WHILE loop to keep checking the file
B.Use the function FILE EXISTS to check the existence of file
C.Use IF statement to keep checking the file
D.Write custom function
E.Use script

Ans: A B

Q7.This job type extracts the data, transforms and loads it and continues to run once started

A.Batch job
B. Both
C.Real time job

Ans: C

Q8.An object DF TEST is created following naming convention. What did you understand from this?

A. Data function
B.Data format
C.Dale function
D.Data flow

Ans: d

Q9.What are the two types of objects that can be created in data services? Choose 2 best options

A.Reusable objects
B.Raw objects
C Multi-use objects
D.Single-use objects

Ans: a d

Q10.BAPI is used to connect external system to?

A.Exchange the data through remote function Can

B.Exchange the data through Subroutine

C. Exchange the data through include

D.Exchange the data through normal function call

Ans: a

Q11.A batch input session is started with the function module?





Ans: a

Q13.How many types of tables exist in data dictionary? Choose 3 best answers

A.Transparent tables
B.Internal Table
C.Master Data Table
D.Cluster tables
E Hash Table
F.Pool tables

Ans: a f d

Q14.Which transaction is used to define the enhancement projects?





Ans: A

Q15.Tcode to create BADI implementation





Ans: d

Q16.Name the class which can be used to find BADI in debugging?


Ans: a

Q17.What is true about system variables? Choose 3 best answers

A.It has to be declared in custom program for using it
B.values s for system variables are stored in SYST table
C.It is modifiable in custom program but not recommended
D.It can be used in program
E.It is populated by system

Ans: C D E

Q18.Predict the output of below source code.
tw data-name = ‘Vimal.
APPEND M data TO if data.
CLEAR w dala.
tw data-name=’Jisha.
APPEND w dala TO Il data
CLEAR w data
w_data-name = ‘Lekha’
APPEND tw data TO Il dala
CLEAR W data
APPEND w data TO Il data.


B.Syntax error



Ans: C

Q19.match the following C) A unique key needs to be specified A) A unique key need not be specified B) A key needs to be specified which maybe unique or non unique 3) hashed table 1) standard table 2) sorted table

Ans: 1-A 2-B 3-C

Q20.What is not a modularization technique?

B.Case statement
D.Function module

Ans: b

Q21.ALV interactive report can have basic list and 20 secondary lists basic list and one secondary list basic list and 19 secondary lists. basic list and 21 secondary lists

Ans: a

Q22.Choose the correct syntax to assign specific searchelp to paramter?

A.Parameters: p_matnr type matnr matchcode object MAT1 A

B.Parameters: p_matnr type matnr searchhelp object MAT1 A

C.Parameters: p_matnr type matnr matchcode MAT1_A

D. Parameters: p_matnr type matnr searchhelp MAT1 A

Ans: a

Q23.Bl objects are Not divided into multiple Bl content areas so that they can be used in an efficient way. Is this statement True or False?

ans – true

Q24.The lab is a new Bl feature. It reads the header row and proposes field names and types based on what it finds.

A. General Info

B. Preview

C. Fields

D. Extraction

E. Proposal

Ans: e

Q25.In Open Hub Destination Creation – What are the data type formats it supports?

a)Seperated by Separator (CSV), Short Length,In XML Format

b)Seperated by Separator (CSV), Short Length,In HTML Format

c)Seperated by Separator (CSV), Fixed Length In HTML Format

d)Seperated by Separator (CSV), Fixed Length in XML Formal

Ans: d

Q26.Maximum number of key figures that can be present in an infocube are

Ans – 233

Q27.A InfoCube consists of precisely one tact table in which key figure values are stored. A fact table can contains a maximum of________ key figures

Ans – 233

Q28.Raj wants combine the two InfoProviders into one To compare actual and plan data in a query. Suggest a suitable InfoProvider for Raj


B. InfoCube

C. MultiProvider

D. Aggregate

Ans: b

Q29. Which of the following source systems are possible in SAP Netweaver BW? (Multiple Answers)




D.UD Connect

Ans:a b

Q30.In Analysis Process Designer(APD), one uses the following type DSO



C.Write Optimized

D.Direct Update


Q31.Structure of a Process Chain consists of the following components? Select the correct components. Choose 3 best answers

A.Start Process

B.Individual application Processes

C.Group Application Processes

D.Graphic Processes

E.Collection Processes

Ans: A B E

Q32.How to identify the source fields which are not mapped to target fields in field mapping?

A.It will be displayed with a different red icon

B. it will be displayed in a different section

C.Those will be shown with warning icon

D.Those fields won’t be there

Ans: A

Q33.What type of data can be migrated using the LSM Workbench? Choose 2 best options

A.Master data

B.Transaction data

C.Header Data

D.Item dala

Ans: A B

Q34.What are the layers in Business Object?Choose one or more





Ans: A C D

Q35.The XML/Excel file provided in LTMC is not having the required helds. So how to add them?





Ans: d

Q36.What is the maximum size of single file while transferring data using files?

A.100 MB

B.150 MB

C.110 MB

D.160 MB

Ans: a

Q37.Migration Object Modeler is divided into different areas. Choose the three best malching areas of the same

A.Structure mapping

B.Data to code structure

C.Code mapping

D.Data mapping

E.Source structure

F.Field mapping

Ans: a e f

Q38.During data migration, values from a specific field in the source system can be translated to largel values. This is with the help of?

A.Translation object

B. Migraifon object

C. Field mapping

D. Rules

Ans: a

Q39.What is not true about source structure in a migration object? Choose two best options.

A.Source structures are organized in a hierarchy

B.It is not possible to remove structures from the hierarchy

C.It is not possible to add additional structures the hierarchy is possible to remove structures from the hierarchy

E.It is possible to additional structures to the hierarchy

F.The foreign key relationship models how the structures in a migration relate to each other

Ans: b c

Q40.What is true about Use of batch input. 2- Can be processed automatically without human intervention 1. Cannot be scheduled and submitted in the background 3. Can process large data volumes 4. Uses standard SAP transactions, just as if the data were entered manually.

Ans – 1,2,3

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