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1.Which of the following Transaction code is used to send messages to users who are logged in and new users logging to the client à 

Ans – SM02

2.Which of the following is used to manage, configure the changes in SAP repository and other objects in TMS

Change and Transport Organizer CTO

3.What are the 3 different Oracle database startup modes

Mount, nomount, open

4.Name the R/3 System transaction used for mointoring a spool requests.


What is the scheduler that checks the job scheduling table in the databases that are waiting for processing and transfer them to the free background work process in accordance with their priority

Time dependent job schedule

When creating a logon group for Logon Load Balancing, which of the following CANNOT be specified

Maximum number of sessions per user

Transport Request is made up of

  • A. Cofile
  • B. Datafile

Which of the following parameter is used to define number of times that a user can enter an incorrect password before the system ends the logon attempt?

  • A. login/fails_to_session_end

Which of the following version of SAP GUI contains SAP Blue Crystal is a new visual design theme which succeeds Corbu?

  • A – SAP GUI 7.4

In SAP system architecture, which of the following layer communicates with the application server to perform all the processing and which is known as brains of an SAP system?

B – Presentation Layer

Which of the following default client in SAP system is used for diagnostic scans and monitoring service in SAP system


In SAP system, you can set the number of incorrect login attempts and then system can?

A – End the Session

B – Lock the User account

Which of the following job class should be used for urgent or critical task?

A – Class A

When a job is in Active state it can’t be unscheduled till it’s completed?

A – True

Which of the following file under usr/sap/trans/bin directory which stores TMS configuration and is used by systems and domains for checking existing configurations


Which of the following is an executable program that exists between SAP Applications and operating system


Which of the following is used to deploy a new patch in Java stack


To run an ABAP program with more than one selection screen as a background job, which of the following can be used


Which of the following are known as wildcard characters?

A – ?

B – *

Which of the following table stores illegal password details in SAP system?

A – USR40

While making an ABAP program to run in background job, Variant field is manadate and shouldn’t be leave blank




Which of the following subdirectory in SAP system is used to keep support packages before deployment?


Background job status

Scheduled, Released, Ready, Active, Finished, Canceled

Which of the following is not a valid job status in job overview tab

 In process

Which of the following can be used to delete multiple jobs in SAP system?


Which of the following Transaction code is used to monitor update processes


Which of the following is not a component of /usr/sap/trans


What is the Trusted RFC connection type to specify connection between ABAP systems

Type 3

Which of the following connection allows you to create trusted-trusting relationship between systems and you can communicate and exchange information and data


Which of the following level, data from separate client is kept separate from each other

Kernel level

In SAP system, all patches start with

SAPK followed by Patch Type

Which of the following log record value shows that a warning was issued and objects were transported successfully

Development classes contains ____________?

  • A. repository objects

The Customizing Client should have the option in SCC4 as

Automatic recording of changes

Parallel Processing in case of Client Copy is

Not recommended by SAP.

Which layer in a SAP client server architecture processes ABAP programs

Application layer

Which program is used for taking backup of SAP system when connected to Data Protector backup tool?

  • A. backint

Given and R/3 Central Instance with all services installed, using Instance ID01, and having the SAP ID of C11. What is the name of the directory where the work process trace files are written (for Windows NT replace the “/” with “\”)?


What is the transaction used to import SAP-provided support packages into your system.

  • A. Spam

Tcode to import the client.

  • A. SCC7/stms/stms_import

What is the full form of sscr

sap software change registration.

 What is the scheduler that checks the job scheduling table in the databases that are waiting for processing and transfer them to the free background work process in accordance with their priority?

 Time-dependent job scheduler

SAP was founded in which year?

  • A. 1972

Which of the following is correct in regards to R/3 clients?

  • B. An R/3 client has all R/3 repository objects and client independent customizing with all other clients in the R/3 System

BW Support Package for Release 30B will be named according to which format?

  • C. SAPKW30B

Which of the following is correct in regard to R/3 repository

  • A. Customers can develop new repository objects using tools in the ABAP workbench
  • B. Customer developed repository objects reside in the R/3 repository objects
  • C. Customers can create and assign new repository objects to a development object

Tcode to view a parameter?

  • A. RZ11

SAP backup parameters are stored in which profile?

  • A.

Copying of one package name to another package name is called


Analyse problem of system startup. Before anyone could login system stops.

  • C. Analyze database error log in details

 Which of the following level, data from the separate client is kept separate from each other?

 Kernel level

IDOC stands for

Intermediate Document

When a user sends a request to sap system via browser, web requests are first handled by?

TMS mcq

  1. From STMS transaction code, in which tab can you change the TMS configuration parameters? Ans – Transport tool
  2. How many types of transport routes are available ?Ans –
    1. Consolidation transport route (From DEV to QAS)
    1. Delivery transport route (From QAS to PRD)
  3. Which of the following can also be used while importing transport request from STMS transaction code? Ans – Overwrite originals
  4. How many types of transport return codes can occur when importing transport request ? Ans – 0000,0004,0008,0012 or higher
  5. What information is contained in cofiles ? Ans -Contains information on change requests
  6. Select the correct filesystem where datafiles and cofiles reside . Ans – usr/sap/trans/
  7. What is the function of STMS_IMPORT transaction code ? Ans – Import queue of the current SAP System
  8. How many types of transport request are available ? Ans – 3
  9. Workbench Request: Workbench requests are cross-client. It essentially means that the changes done in one client are automatically reflected in all other clients.   Customizing Request: Customizing requests are client specific. The changes will not be reflected in other clients.   Transport of Copies: Transport of copies allows you to transport objects to any specified SAP System. It allows you to move the original location of objects to a target system.
  10. What is the return code for “Individual objects could not be transported successfully “? Ans – Return code 0008
  11. Select the correct process which is used to distribute changes within a system landscape. Ans – Transporting
  12. The transport directory is defined by the parameter à DIR_TRANS
  13. The Transport Management System (TMS) can be configured from any system in the transport domain. Ans -True
  14. All development work in a system landscape should be done in a single SAP System. Ans -True
  15. In which client can TMS configuration can be done Ans – 000, ddic, masterpassword.
  16. TMS configuration can be done by using which transaction code ?
    Ans – STMS
  17. Select the correct procedure to add the transport request to the buffer.

    A)tp addtobuffer <TRANSPORT-REQUEST> <SID> Client=<CLIENT-NUMBER> pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_<DOMAIN_SID>.PFL
    B)tp addtobuffer RAV99999 DEV Client=500 pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_PRD.PFL
    C)Both A and B
  18. The transport control program uses a transport profile. The name of this file is Ans – TPPARAM
  19. Sap support packs can be applied to which type of landscape? Ans –

    a.1-system landscape
    b.2-system landscape à Dev and prod sys
    c.3-system landscape

  1. Is it possible to have multiple landscapes in one transport domain? Ans -yes 
  2. The systems in a system landscape share customizing and repository objects via Ans – transport requests
  3. Is it possible to define more than one consolidation and delivery routes in a transport domain? Ans – yes 
  4. Which of the following informations about transports requests not present in cofiles? Ans – trace file
  5. Which of the following function physically writes files to the operating system level in transport management system? Ans – export
  6. Which version can one use enhanced transport management system (tms+)?  Ans – nw 700 sp12  
  7.  Which of the following sap tool/tools used in a customizing project Ans – sap img, transport organizer
  8.  In a three system landscape the project manager will export his request from quality system? Ans – false
  9.   what are the components of r3 system with respect to three tier architecture? Ans – database,application,presentation 
  10.  which system is responsible for maintenance of infrastructure & configuration of stms?Ans – domain controller
  11.  transaction scc1 copies changes from one client to another client based on Ans – task, transport request, transport request and it’s task
  12.  which of the  following contains a message server? Ans – central instance
  13.  which of the following strategies is most recommended as a transport strategy in sap? Ans – queue controlled mass transport
  14.  which of the following property should one consider when deciding the domain controller system. Ans – high availability
  15.  when does the buffer of production gets populated in standard three system landscape? Ans – import into quality
  16.  which of the following will change after applying support pack to a component Ans – support package patch level
  17.  in a three system landscape, how can you apply a snote throughout the landscape Ans – apply in development, then in quality and finally in production & apply in development, export, then import in quality and finally in production
  18.  a project manager creates ______ and distributes individual  ______ to the     customizing  team Ans – project, task
  19.  When you want to add a new component to your existing nw 700 system, for  example, fin_basis 700 Ans – SAINT
  20.  when you want to add a new patch to your existing component, for example, fin_basis 700 Ans – SPAM
  21.  three systems in a single landscape can have different transport directories Ans -yes
  22.  the following tables are used for communication between rdd* jobs and tp while import of a transport request Ans – TRBAT, TRJOB
  23.  what will you check when you see a truck symbol in import queue, and the transport is hanging Ans – you will check the logs in /usr/sap/trans/tmp & check if rddimpdp is running as background job 
  24.  Client  Standalone ITS(internet transaction server)  SAP application server

Standalone ITS Ans – Converts http request to dialog and vice versa

Steps in Sm36 contains Ans – ABAP programs, External program and External command as program values

Start time in sm36 contains Ans – Immediate, Date/Time, After job/ Event, Operation mode & not contain After Program, After Transaction.

Naming convention of a transport request in general à <SID>K9<nnnnn>

Min SAP wp Ans – Dia=2, BTC=2, UPD=1, SPO=1.

Which Tcode is used to “Release the change request” during transport management. Choose 4 most appropriate options

ANs –

SE09, SE10, SE03, SE01,STMS,SE06,


An Enterprise uses SAP Application Server that consists of 3 System Landscape (DEV, QAS & PRO).

  1. What is the consolidation route and delivery route in the SAP Landscape.

ANs –

  1. Consolidation transport route (From DEV to QAS)Delivery transport route (From QAS to PRD)

In SAP background Overview. Which SM37 state is the invalid background job status among them.


When installing an SAP ECC system (leaving all settings at default), which of the following ports are used? Choose two.


Port 32$$ for communication with the ABAP dispatcher, where $$ stands for the instance number

Port 36$$ for communication with the message server, where $$ stands for the central instance number

SAP GUI supports the following SAP GUI variants? Choose 3


Which of the following are type of transport routes in SAP NW AS ABAP choose 2

ANs –

  1. Consolidation transport route (From DEV to QAS) – transport layer are requiredDelivery transport route (From QAS to PRD) – transport layer not required

While performing TMS configuration the following configuration files are written to the /usr/sap (bin) below? Choose 2

Ans – Domain.cfg, Tp_domain_<SID>.pfl

Which tcode is used for performing TMS configuration as a part of post installation activity client DDIC in SAP NW AS ASAP system ? choose 2

Ans – SE06,STMS

What can you schedule with tcode SM36 (define background job) as a JOB STEP within a background job in AS ABAP-based SPA systems? Choose 3


Which of the Workprocess type can be changed during distribution of Workprocess while acting on changing route of an instance? Choose 2

Ans –



Which tcode p… to R/3 profiles that is used either to display or modify any profile parameter in an SAP system? Choose 2

Ans – RZ10, RZ11

What are the different job class in SAP background job administration? Choose 3

Ans – Job A, B, C

What is the profile parameter login/no_automatic_user_sapstar =1 indicates


Name OS level path when the kernel or executable files are stored in SAP R/3 File system & … directory. Choose 2

Ans – /usr/sap/<SID>/D00/exe, /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/exe/uc/NTAMD64

What are the parameters that stores the number of work process configured for non changed (not interactive ) type request on SAP server? Choose 3

Ans –



Which are running an AS ABAP-based SAP system. Which of the following can you achieve by using operation modes? Choode 2

Ans –

You can define the number of background work processes reserved for job

You can switch background work processes to dialog work processes

Where are the SAP profiles stored in SAP R/3 file system path?

ANs – Usr/sap/<SID>/SYS

In SAP during Transport, What is the transport return code(RC) status to indicate a transport request is successfully exported

Ans – RC0

Which of the following are valid background job status. Choose 3


Which of the following transport routes are correct?

Ans – SAP distinguishes between consolidation routes and delivery routes, If you want to export transport requests from an SAP system, there needs to be at least one consolidation route starting from this system

What does SAP recommend when importing transport request? choose three

ANs – Transport requests should only be imported if the software component vector of the transport requests fit ti the software components and their support package level of the target system.

In general importing transport requests into the productive systems requires a maintenance window (downtime window).

Transport requests should be imported project wise into the productive system

What is the purpose of TMS configuration in SAP R/3 system?

ANs – To automate Transport of client data (Users, Application data and customizing data) within SAP application server.

  1.  Domain controller in which OS directory the DOMAIN.CFG file gets stored?


  • Tcodes to define a background job in SAP SM36,Sm37
  • Tcode to perform the import of change request (customizing or workbench request) in SAP R/3 STMS, STMS_IMPORT
  •  In terms of ABAP/4 development workbench, what is a VARIANT?

Program input selection criteria

  • Support packages are downloaded from SAP market place and stored in below file system directory? /usr/sap/trans/EPS/IN
  • Which one of the following is a import dispatcher RDDIMPDP
  •  Tcode used for tcode creation(Maintain ABAP transaction) SE93
  •  When an ABAPer is not able to create any program in a system. What action has to be taken to enable him/her to create new ABAP program Provide developer access key
  • Which standard ABAP would you use to uspend and resume background jobs before/after you do client copy BTCTRNS1, BTCTRNS2

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