Microservices Architecture Question Answers

Hello friends in this post we are going to discuss Microservices Architecture MCQ | Microservices Architecture Multiple choice questions | Microservices Architecture Question Answers | Microservices Architecture MCQ with answers

1.Agile development & Deployment is difficult in case of ____


2.Software built as microservices can, by definition, be broken down into multiple component services ?


3.Separating components with conflicting resource requirements falls under the bucket of _


4.Complexity of developing, testing & deploying distributed system, Handling partial failures account to disadvantages of


5.Benefits of Microservices include –

All the options

6.Decomposition of Microservices based on 2 categories namely

Business capability , Subdomain

7.Simple to Develop, Test, Deploy, Scale represents ____


8.Is Microservice is considered as subset of SOA ?


9.The 3Cs of Microservices includes all these except


10.Microservice Architecture adapts following concepts

All the options

11.The client expects a timely response from the service and might even block while it waits represents__client service interaction styles


12. The 2 types of Service Discovery only includes Client-side & server-side discovery ?


13.Which ensures to insulate the applications by acting as barrier

API Gateway

14. Which acts as database of services

Service Registry

15. Scenarios where client takes onus & are responsible for determining the network locations of available service instances


16.AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) is an example of a ____

Server-side discovery

17.Netflix OSS is example


18. API Gateway ensures _

All the options

19. External clients communicate with Microservices using ___


20. _ helps to control & limit the number of consecutive request failures crosses a threshold,

Circuit breaker

21.The services communicate with each other internally _

Both Messaging and Remote Procedure invocation

22.The transactions that span across multiple services are handled by

Event driven Architecture

23.The 2 components of CQRS include_

Query & command side

24.Microservices based architecture prefers _

No dependency on any particular DB

25.Microservices-based architecture enforces a Modular structure ?


26.Amazon EC2 Container Service is an example of __


27.Microservices supports different kinds of databases and this is called .

Polyglot persistence

28.Efficient Utilization & Fast Deployment represent which pattern

Multiple Services per Host pattern

29.Which of these represent the drawback of Multiple Services per Host pattern

faulty deployment

30.Service Instance per Host pattern provides __

All the options

31. packer.io & Boxful represents type of pattern

Service Instance per Container / Single Service Instance per Host

32.IDL stands fo

Interface definition language

33.__ is ability to store something temporarily in order to reduce the loading times and I/O of a system.


34. In Microservices, the API Gateway takes care of the security aspect by rendering __

Access tokens

35.Microservice Chassis takes care of all except ____

token generation

36.In __, each external request is tagged with unique identifier which is passed to all services involved in handling the request and included in application logging messages

Distributed tracing

37.Caching helps in improving the performance of the system ?


38.Which of this does not represent caching types_

Server cache

39.Which pattern collects & reports all exceptions to a centralized exception tracking service

Exception tracing

40.Limited Efficient Utilization & slow deployment represent _

Service Instance per Container

41.Monolithic is identified by all these disadvantages except____

Quick initial development

42.Scaling the application can be challenging in _ due to conflicting needs of Memory, CPU,IO


43.Kubernotes , Marathon are examples of _______________________

Service Instance Per container

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