Logical Problem Multiple Choice Questions

Q1.A person classfied as an introverted sensor wil have the attributes described as given alongside:
1.A person who gets drained with social interaction.
2 A person who prefers to sense reality as a set of physical observations and experiences. Which of these characteristics is this person LEAST likely to have?

ANS – Being a thinker who places practicality over convention

Q2.You are currently running a school and looking for an English teacher for the 7th standard. The previous two teachers have quit within three months. You have three applications.
Which of these would you choose?
1) A 57-year old English teacher with lots of experience
2) A recent college graduate who came first in her class and had one year experience in a government school
3) An English professor in a local college who aspires to write a novel

ANS – 3

Q3.Keith is looking for his wife. He walks 90 meters to the East direction turning to his right. He then v/aIks for 20 meters before turning to his right again to lock for his wife
at her mother’s place 30 meters from this point. He could not find his wife there, so he walks 100 meters to the North before meeting his wife in the street
What is the shortest di stance betwee n Keith’s starting point and his wife’s position?

ANS – 100 meters

Q4.The alphabets have been assigned code as given alongside. If the value of the word BED is 875, then what will the value of the word EGG be?A:7, B: 11, C: 37, D: 143

ANS – 60203

Q5.Look at this series. 3,15.35.63. _.
What is tie next number h the series?

ANS – 99

Q6.The message Carter is encoded as FDUWHU, Sirius, Is encoded In a similar manner and has the value 113.Than,what is the value of the message Xander?

ANS – 45

Q7.There are six people M, N. 0, P, Q, and R in a family. They are a Psychologist, Manager, Lawyer, Jeweler, Doctor, and Engineer.

  1. The doctor is the grandfather of R, who is a psychologist
  2. The manager P is married to M.
    3.0, the jeweler is married to the Lawyer.
  3. N is the mother of Q and R.
  4. There are two married couples in the family and Q is a bachelor.

Using the given information, determine the profession of Q?

ANS – Engineer

Q8.One morning after sunrise Piya meets Neha at a road crossing while going to school; Neha’s shadow is present exactly to the right piya. If they were face to face, which direction was Piya facing?
Read the problem given above carefully and identify the information that is not required to solve this problem from the given choices.

ANS – Neha and Piya Were going to school

Q9.You met a person A who lies on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and tells the truth, on the other days of the week. The person makes the following statement

I did not lie today. There are two days before I can lie again. Assuming wha1 he said v/as true, what day of the week was it?

ANS – saturday

Q10.A simple encryption system encodes “Hillary Duff,’ as shown below
What does the message below translate to?

ANS – LraCrcft

Q11.Four glasses of sizes 2 Litres,8 Litres,12 Litres, and 16 Litres contain a mixture of Juice & Water in the ratio 1:1,35,7:5, and 9:7, respectively. The contents of all four
glasses are poured into a single jar.
Find the ratio of Juice & Water in the resultant mixture.

ANS – 10.9

Q12.In how many days will 10 women complete a work, if 4 men and 6 women can complete a work in 8 days, while 3 men and 7 women can complete it In 10 days?

ANS – 40

Q13.You have two numbers X and Y which are positive Integers.
Statement 1: Y-4 = 4X
Statement II: (X-3) is divisible by 5
Statement III: 0J26Y ^(X+4)
How many of the following statements would be required at minimum to determine whether Y is divisible by 5?

ANS – 2

Q14.You have two numbers X and Y which are positive integers.
Statement I :Y-4=4X
Statement 11: (X-3) is divisible by 5
Statement ni. 0.25Y=(X+4)
Hoy/ many of the following statements would be required al minimum to determine whether Y is divisible by 5?

ANS – 2

Q15.A book dub has 10 members, Including Philip. One of the 10 members Is to be chosen at random to be the president, one of the remaining 9 members Is to be chosen at
random to be the secretary, and one of the remaining 8 members is to be chosen at random to be treasurer.
What is the probability that Philp will be either the member chosen to be the secretary or the member chosen to be the treasurer?

ANS – 1/10

Q16.John and Joshua can complete a task in 10 and 20 days respectively. Both of them start to work together but after 3 days Joshua went somewhere and John had to work
alone for 4 days. Joshua resumes work on the 8th day and as a punishment he has to complete the remaining work alone.
In how many days will he complete the remaining work?


Q17.In a jar of 12 cookies, a total of 3 cookies are chocolate chip cookies. If a customer buys 2 cookies selected at random from the jar, what Is the probability that neither cookies will be a chocolate chip cookie?

ANS – 6/11

Q18.Which of the following statements are needed to find the distance between the stations A and E?
I. A train reaches station B from station Ain 600 seconds running at 144 kmph.
II It readies station C from station B in 1000 seconds running at 126 kmph.
III. It reaches station D from station C In 500 seconds running at 126 kmph
IV. It finally readies station E from station D In 500 seconds running at 162 kmph

ANS – all the statments are needed

Q19.if the units digit of integer p is greater than 2, what is the units digit of p?

The integer p is a prime number The units digit ofp is the same as the units digit of p3.Decide whether the data given is sufficient for answering the question and then choose the correct option?

ANS – BOTH statements together are neccessary and sufficient

Q20.Two dies are thrown simultaneously. What is tire probability of getting two numbers in order (a,b) such that a:b Is 1:3?

ANS – 1/18

Q21.Which of these can be used in the place of blank in the given sentence?
‘Colder temperatures In key heating regions raised fears _ the demand this winter.’

ANS – of insufficient supplies that are unable to meet

Q22.Mich of the following phrasings in the sentences given below are appropriate?

ANS – Sunflowers have become a major commercial crop, second only to soybeans as a source of vegetable oil

Q23.Given are two statements. Join the two statements using the appropriate conjunctions so that it makes a meaningful sentence.
She saw the snake.She get afraid.

ANS – She saw the snake so she got afraid.

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