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Q1.Application layer is responsible for _______

Answer : Applying business logic for a given requirement

Q2.Raspberry Pi is a low-cost general-purpose computer.

Answer : True

Q3.Contextual awareness is a vital characteristic of IoT.

Answer : True

Q4.Edge computing helps to reduce the latency time of processing information.

Answer : True

Q5.Internet of Things is a system of interconnected computing devices

Answer : True

Q6.The first wearable device was invented by __

Answer : Thad Starnes

Q7.Which of the following is a classification of IoT protocols?

Answer : All the options

Q8.IoT is an abbreviation of ________

Answer : Internet of Things

Q9.Which of the following option(s) are security method(s) used to prevent access of sensitive information from unauthorized users.

Answer : Both

Q10.Peer to Peer Computing means ________

Answer : Interconnected objects communicating between each other

Q11.The unique identifier of an IoT device helps ________

Answer : To connect, communicate and monitor the device

Q12.Arduino board can read sensor values through the analog I/O pins.

Answer : True

Q13.Sensors and Actuators are also known as _________

Answer : Transducers

Q14.Photo diode is a/an __ electronic component.

Answer : passive

Q15.__ is a standardized method to establish communication between interconnected devices.

Answer : Protocol

Q16.An IoT device takes actions/decisions without human intervention.

Answer : True

Q17.The following are IoT platforms, except _______

Answer : Zoho connect

Q18.Which of the following is an example of an IoT application?

Answer : Wearable device to monitor blood glucose level

Q19.The following are IoT applications, except ______

Answer : A mobile app monitors the web activity of a user

Q20.Devices which store energy in the form of voltage or current are known as __

Answer : Passive components

Q21.Which of the following is a/are characteristic(s) of an IoT application?

Answer : Connectable and Scalable

Q22.Identify the non-IoT device from the given options.

Answer : Microsoft surface laptop

Q23.IoT infrastructure should support __

Answer : Anytime, Anywhere and Anyone

Q24.__ is a specialized web transfer protocol for use with constrained nodes and networks in IoT.

Answer : CoAP

Q25.Identify the challenges of an IoT architecture.

Answer : Both the options

Q26.In a IoT architecture, the __ layer collects data from the environment

Answer : Perception

Q27.IoT architecture should be ________

Answer : Both the options (incorr0 Homogeneous

Q28.IoT is an interaction between the physical and the digital world.

Answer : True

Q29.An IoT system consists of ___

Answer : All the options

Q30.Arduino board has which of the following components?

Answer : All the options

Q31.Arduino is a microcontroller

Answer : False

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