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1.Common Information Architecture (IA) pitfalls are __________.

Both options****

2. A “slip” is an error of ________________.


3. Which of the following IS NOT a card sorting approach?


4. What is a superficial match?

One based on terminology***

5. Paper prototyping _______________.

Can be produced at a very early stage.****

6. Multivariate testing is used for _____________.

Websites with high traffic****

7. What distinguishes readability from legibility?

Readability is about the choice of words, legibility is about their appearance***

8. What is a common reading pattern for web pages?

F’ pattern*****

9. Which is NOT TRUE? “Alternative text” (for images) should ___________.

Describe the contents of every image ***** true

10 . Which of the following IS NOT true of progress enhancement? Fails if scripting is not available ________________incorrect

Avoids the Document Object Model

11. Which of the following terms DOES NOT APPLY to cluster analysis?


12. Cognitive walkthroughs are good for testing ___________.

Concepts and terminology *****

13. What are the three characteristics of feedback?

Timing, location and meaning *****

14. Which of the following IS NOT a feature of findable content?

Large headings ******

15. What can you be certain that all web crawlers and assistive technology will process?

Dynamic content (JavaScript/Ajax)

16.Which of the following IS NOT a readability metric?

Laurel-Hardy ****

17. Well-formed pages and content are important for _____________.

Both the options

18. Benchmark metrics tend to be ___________.

Project-specific *****

19. Inverted pyramid approach implies that you should __________.

Increase detail down the page ****

20. Electronic accessibility to websites is provided using ____________.

All the options

21. Newspapers offer a contrast ratio of around __________


13. What is ARIA in web technology?

An accessibility standard

14. How does Ajax reduce the effects of change blindness?

Eliminating page reloads —-may be true

Reducing load times

Both the options 100 per wrong

15.For open sort card sorting, participants will use group names that are ________________.

Similar but not identical

16.Which of the following IS NOT TRUE of high fidelity prototyping?

Suitable for detailed interaction

17. Which is NOT TRUE? For error messages, pop-up message boxes are _______________.

Distracting and should be avoided 18.

18. When mapping goals, which is best?

Explicit match***

19. Visual design benchmark metrics include ___________.

Both the options*****

20. Which of the following IS NOT a good forms design guideline?

Maximize the movement between mouse and keyboard****

21. Which of the following IS NOT a Gestalt principle of visual perception?

Affinity ******

22. A common problem in design and development processes is _________.

Lack of direct access to users *****

23. Which of the following IS NOT a useful characteristic of menu terms?

Ambiguous ***

24. Color is _________.

Cultural: your background decides what colors will mean to you*****

25. In fast-moving domains, the facets of faceted search are _____________.


26. If you want to improve product quality and only adjust the testing process. Then _________.

You waste development effort ****

27. In layout grids, what is the best approach to alignment points?

The fewer the better ****

28. Empathetic design ______________.

Tries to make users seem more real to the team ****

29. Which part of a link or menu item is the most important for information scent?

The first 2 words

30. Visual design benchmark metrics include ___________.

Both the options *****

31.What characteristic of two targets is not a factor in Fitts’ Law?

Distance between targets _____100 per wrong

32. Showing that only a few items or seats are available builds on what principle of persuasion?

Scarcity ****

33. What is the optimal size for visual chunking at a viewing distance of 500mm/20in?


34. Which of the following is not a persona myth?

Personas come from user research

35.Interaction design is traditionally ____________.

Both the options

36.To improve the understanding of empathy with users, we can use _______.

Field research ****True

Card sorting

37. How should we treat user input?

Be flexible; allow users to make common mistakes and report errors only when necessary

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