Displaying ALV using a Docking Container

Hello Friends in this article we are going to see how to display ALV using docking container in sap abap


This program is used to display Docking Container. Sometimes we get the requirement to place the container at any corner as resizable Ex:  ALV and selection parameters in same Screen. To serve purpose we will go for docking container.


As we know that a SAP Container is a control that accommodates other controls, such as the SAP Tree Control, SAP Picture Control, SAP Text edit Control, SAP Splitter Control, and so on. It manages these controls logically in a collection, and provides a physical area in which they are displayed. All controls live in a container. Since containers are themselves controls, you can nest them. There are five kinds of SAP Containers:

SAP Custom Container: display controls in an area defined on a normal screen using the Screen Painter. Class: CL_GUI_CUSTOM_CONTAINER

SAP Dialog Box Container: display controls in a modal dialog box or full screen.


SAP Docking Container: The SAP Docking Container allows you to attach a control to any of the four edges of a screen as a resizable screen area. You can also detach it so that it becomes an independent modal dialog box. Class: CL_GUI_DOCKING_CONTAINER

SAP Splitter Container: to display more than one control in a given area by dividing it into cells. Class: CL_GUI_SPLITTER_CONTAINER

SAP Easy Splitter Container:  this container allows us to divide an area into two cells with a control in each. The cells are separated by a moveable splitter bar.


Here we display the functionality of docking container.

SAP Docking container can be attached on or more areas of screen. To reattach the docking container to a different edge of the screen we use DOCK_AT method. To switch the status of the Docking Container between fixed (docking) and free (floating) we use the method FLOAT.

We can use docking container in web Dynpro and sub screen also.

Below is the Example of Docking Container.  

Code Snippet

REPORT  z75_docking MESSAGE-ID yxnmc.

TABLES: mara.
*                        W O R K  A R E A S                           *
*  Material Data
  BEGIN OF wa_mara,
    matnr    TYPE   mara-matnr,         ” Material No.
    mtart    TYPE   mara-mtart,         ” Material Type
    bismt    TYPE   mara-bismt,         ” Old material No.
    matkl    TYPE   mara-matkl,         ” Material group
    meins    TYPE   mara-meins,         ” Base Unit of Measure
    brgew    TYPE   mara-brgew,         ” Gross Weight
    ntgew    TYPE   mara-ntgew,         ” Net Weight
    gewei    TYPE   mara-gewei,         ” Weight Unit
  END OF wa_mara,

* Field Catalog

wa_fieldcat   TYPE lvc_s_fcat.

*                   I N T E R N A L   T A B L E S                     *
* For Material Data
  t_mara LIKE STANDARD TABLE OF wa_mara,
* For Field Catalog
  t_fieldcat  TYPE lvc_t_fcat.

*                     W O R K  V A R I A B L E S                      *
* User Command
  ok_code TYPE sy-ucomm,
* Reference Variable for Docking Container
  r_dock_container  TYPE REF TO cl_gui_docking_container,
* Reference Variable for alv grid
  r_grid  TYPE REF TO cl_gui_alv_grid.

*                S T A R T   O F   S E L E C T I O N                  *
* To Display the Data
  PERFORM display_output.
*&      Form  display_output                                          *
*       To Call the  screen & display the output                      *
*   There are no interface parameters to be passed to this subroutine.*
FORM display_output .
* To fill the Field Catalog
  PERFORM fill_fieldcat USING :
      ‘MATNR’    ‘T_MARA’         ‘Material No.’,
      ‘MTART’    ‘T_MARA’         ‘Material Type’,
      ‘BISMT’    ‘T_MARA’         ‘Old Material No.’,
      ‘MATKL’    ‘T_MARA’         ‘Material Group’,
      ‘MEINS’    ‘T_MARA’         ‘Base Unit of Measure’,
      ‘BRGEW’    ‘T_MARA’         ‘Gross Weight’,
      ‘NTGEW’    ‘T_MARA’         ‘Net Weight’,
      ‘GEWEI’    ‘T_MARA’         ‘Weight Unit’.
ENDFORM.                               ” Display_output  

*&      Form  FILL_FIELDCAT                                     *
*       To Fill the Field Catalog                               *
*  Three Parameters are passed                                  *
*  pv_field   TYPE any for Field                                *
*  pv_tabname TYPE any for Table Name                           *
*  pv_coltext TYPE any for Header Text                          *
FORM fill_fieldcat  USING   pv_field   TYPE any
                            pv_tabname TYPE any
                            pv_coltext TYPE any .

  wa_fieldcat-fieldname  = pv_field.
  wa_fieldcat-tabname    = pv_tabname.
  wa_fieldcat-coltext    = pv_coltext.

  APPEND wa_fieldcat TO t_fieldcat.
  CLEAR  wa_fieldcat.
ENDFORM.                               ” FILL_FIELDCAT  

Create the Screen 0500.  

Flow Logic for Screen 500.  

*&      Module  STATUS_0500  OUTPUT                                    *
*       To Set GUI Status & Title                                      *
MODULE status_0500 OUTPUT.


ENDMODULE.                             ” STATUS_0500  OUTPUT

*&      Module  CREATE_OBJECTS  OUTPUT                                 *
*       To Call the Docking Container & Display Method                 *
MODULE create_objects OUTPUT.
* Create a Docking container and dock the control at right side of screen
  CHECK r_dock_container IS  INITIAL.
  CREATE OBJECT r_dock_container
   side                        = cl_gui_docking_container=>dock_at_right
      extension                   = 780
      caption                     = ‘Materials’
      cntl_error                  = 1
      cntl_system_error           = 2
      create_error                = 3
      lifetime_error              = 4
      lifetime_dynpro_dynpro_link = 5
      OTHERS                      = 6.
  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
  ENDIF.                               ”  IF sy-subrc <> 0.

* To Create the Grid Instance
      i_parent          = r_dock_container
      error_cntl_create = 1
      error_cntl_init   = 2
      error_cntl_link   = 3
      error_dp_create   = 4
      OTHERS            = 5.
  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
  ENDIF.                               ” IF sy-subrc <> 0.

* Formatted Output Table is Sent to Control
  CALL METHOD r_grid->set_table_for_first_display
      it_outtab                      =  t_mara
      it_fieldcatalog                =  t_fieldcat
*      it_sort                       =
*      it_filter                     =
      invalid_parameter_combination = 1
      program_error                 = 2
      too_many_lines                = 3
      OTHERS                        = 4
  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
  ENDIF.                               ” IF sy-subrc <> 0.
ENDMODULE.                             ” CREATE_OBJECTS  OUTPUT
*&      Module  USER_COMMAND_0500  INPUT                               *
*     To Fetch the Material Data & Refresh Table after get User Command*
MODULE user_command_0500 INPUT.
  CASE ok_code.
      SELECT matnr                     ” material no.
             mtart                     ” material type
             bismt                     ” old material no.
             matkl                     ” material group
             meins                     ” base unit of measure
             brgew                     ” gross weight
             ntgew                     ” net weight
             gewei                     ” weight unit
        FROM mara
        INTO TABLE t_mara
        WHERE  mtart = mara-mtart.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
      ENDIF.                           ” IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
      CALL METHOD r_grid->refresh_table_display.
  ENDCASE.                             ” CASE ok_code.
ENDMODULE.                             ” USER_COMMAND_0500  INPUT

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