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1.Which of the following is CORRECT with respect to the Scrum Master role?

a) the role is hierarchical
b) the role is at the same level that of the team
c) its authority is limited to enforcing the Scrum process
d) the role acts as a bridge between multiple audiences to facilitate discussions
e) the Scrum master should possess a high IQ to solve technical problems


2. Which of the following statements is Valid?

a. An epic is the functional specifications, technical specifications, usability requirements
specifications of a user story
b. An epic is a large user story that is made up of smaller, more granular user stories.
c. An user story is a large epic that is made up of smaller, more granular epics,
d epic and user story are interchanging used terminologies


3.if we need to apply design patterns, can we do it without the principles of object-oriented programing and standards?

a Yes, Design Patterns are logical and comprehensive sequencing of elements with procedural principles
b Yes. Design Patterns can be formed by principles, any programing language and standard , K
c No. Design Patterns are logical and comprehensive sequencing of elements with


4.What are various lines of businesses that Accenture Delivery Suite(ADS) support?

a. Technology, Industry, Operations, Security, and Strategy
b. Technology, Digital. Operations, and Strategy
c. Technology, Digital. Operations, Security, and Strategy
d Technology, Digital, Operations, Security, and Cloud


5.Which are the roles usually seen in the Custom Application Design in ADM?

a Application Designer; User Experience Architect, Data Architect; Integration Solution Architect
b Process Team Lead; RICEFW Functional Designer; Data Architect. Integration Solution Architect
c. Application Designer; RICEFW Functional Designer; Data Architect; integration Solution Architect


6.Mr John has developed a software program and to make his program portion of the program to reside in a computers memory. However, this approach will cause the program to consume more memory. As a result, the program will be optimized in terms of speed, but will be inefficient in terms of memory utilization. What Mr. John is trying to achieve in this scenario?

a. Memory utilization
b. Code Optimization
c. Memory Optimization
d. Speed Optimization


7.What is the website to access Accenture Delivery Suite(ADS)?

a. https://accenturedeliverysuite.accenture.com
b https://adsacceture.com
c. https://in.accenture.com/accenturedeliverysuite/
d https://methodology.accenture.com


8.Mythili would like to create a application environment in order to deploy and manage applications in an automated way. Which AWS service suits for the same.

a. Cloud Watch
b. Cloud Formation
c. Elastic Bean Stack (EBS)
d. Auto Scaling


9.Which of these is an administrative responsibility for the team?

a. None of the options
b. Attend the daily scrum ceremony and discuss rationale behind work undone
c. Attend the daily scrum ceremony and provide the hours consumed or burned down
d Attend the daily scrum ceremony and discuss rationale behind work completed


10. What is the logical grouping of elements that have single major outcome/ business result?

a Stage
b. Activity or Discipline
c. Workstream


11.What are the responsibilities of the Change Control Board?

a. Review and authorize changes to the baselines.
b. Represent the interests of the Project Manager and any groups who are not affected by changes to the baselines.
c. Authorize the creation of products from the RTM library.
d Monitor changes and updates to the project requirements as part of CM.

Ans:a d

12.helps the design process whereasis more suitable for integration and functional testing.


13.Code Review process involves which of the following steps:

a Baseline a software products
b Never conduct a review
‘ c Prepare for a review
d. Plan tor a review
e Resolve review points

Ans:a C E d

14.Which of the following are phases of NIST SDLC model?

A. The initiation phase
B. Functional Specification phase
C. Acquisition and development of the solution
D. The Maintenance phase
E.The operations and maintenance phase

Ans:a C E

15.What is the function of a federated identity?

a. Enables users to gain access to an application with a federated user name
b. Enables users of one secure domain to securely access resources in another domain seamlessly
c. Enables users of an application to use the same authentication for other application
by the same application
d Enables users to be certified to use specific applications

Ans: C

16.Identify the cloud application issues when an application id developed.

  1. API calls emanate from multiple device types
  2. API calls travel across the internet and are subject to threats
  3. Developer create the APIs when building application
  4. attack surfdce has increased

Ans: 2 4

17.What are some of the ways test-driven development can benefit a project compared to other technique?

a. Enhances collaboration among various stakeholders
b. Compresses the available set of test tools
c. Supports continuous integration
d. Reduces the frequency of releases

Ans: B C

18.The option on e-commerce websites to make payments using credit,UPI,debit, COD and others is an example of ?

a. Interface segregation
B.Single responsibility
C.Open Closed Principle
D. Dependency inversion Principle

Ans: B C

19.A team has completed 10 Sprints and moving to the 11th Sprint. Till Sprint 10, the team has achieved an average of 50 story points per sprint. The same is projected as their velocity for the upcoming sprints with the Client. What is this approach called?

a Velocity Driven Sprint Planning
b Velocity Driven Commitment
c. Commitment Driven Velocity

d. Commitment Driven Sprint Planning

Ans: D

20.Which of the following is a unit of work that a role may be asked to perform?

a. Task
b. Work?ow
c. Work Unit
d. Activity

Ans: D

21.Consider the identity and access management solutions by various providers os given below. Google Apps SSO;
Microsoft SQL Server Integrated Security;
Microsoft Office Online;
The above solutions comes under which type of identity and access management solutions?

a Microsoft Active directory
b Single Sign-On/otf (SSO) identity
c Multifactor Authentication
d I ederated identity_____

Ans: B

22. Scrum of Scrum meeting is focused on ?

a. Progress of every individual

b. Resolving coordination challenges within a team
C. Progress within a team
d. Resolving coordination challenges between teams

Ans: A

23. What guidelines should be followed for creating the Accenture coding standards?

a. Must be created after the build stage

B.Multiple developers rewrite each other’s code to match their personal styles

c. Should be agreed upon across project teams spanning globally.
d. Coding Standards should be easy to understand

Ans: CD

24.Cis are the work products within the selected categories that the project wants under configuration control. Imagine you are the person for writing the CM Plan who typically works with the Team Leads to document the Cis for the designated categories. Once the team determines the CM categories and the naming convention for each Cl, it must maintain a list
of the actual Cis. Which role you are playing from below options.

a. Project Manager
b Scrum Master Manager
c. Configuration Manager
d. Product Manager

Ans: C

25.What are the OOP components that is influenced in Design Patterns?

a. Encapsulation
b. Abstraction
c. Polymorphism
d. Inheritance


26.Mr Michael is one of the team member in Devops project and has to write a POC that proposes the Continuous Integration principles into the project. Which among the following points you think Mr Michael can quote in his POC? Choose exactly 3 CORRECT ANSWERS.

a. Automate builds
b Ensure everyone can visualize what’s happening
c. Automate Development
d Simplify getting or accessing the latest executable versions

Ans: bD

27.David, a developer, is working on login component of an application and dealing with sensitive data. Hence before pushing the code to github.com, he moved the sensitive information in a “logindata.cfg’ file and added the file name as ’login.cfg’ by mistake in gitignore and also pushed the changed to github.com. Later he identified and removed it from repository before anyone uses that file. Is there any risk associated with this?

  1. No, the file is a cfg file as most of the team members have their own cfg file
  2. Yes, the file is being modified by other team member
  3. No, there is no risk as he removed from github.com
  4. Yes, the changes will be reflected in the version history

Ans: 4

28.Joshua being a project manager, need to suggest methods to developers of project so that
client become high-performance businesses by delivering high-quality code. Which are they?

a. Implementing the practice of peer reviews.
b. Adhere to Accenture Delivery Methods best practices and guidelines
c. Using automated code review tools, if permitted by client
d. Follow the Accenture Code Quality Model

Ans: abd

29.Sujata a senior developer of project has been assigned a task to look at the code structure and decoupling component wherever deemed necessary. What points she should keep in
mind while checking?

a The average complexity of classes, programs, methods, procedures, or functions is under control.
b. I here are no cyclic dependencies between classes, components or layers.
c. Components responsibilities are maximized.
d. Dependencies to external libraries are well known.

Ans: abd

30.At home we replace an old CEL bulb to a new LED bulb. Although we change the bulb, we don t change the functionality, which SOLID principle does it satisfy?

a. Interface segregation
b. Liskov substitution
c. Open Closed Principle
d. Dependency Inversion Principle

Ans: b

31.This pattern evaluates scenarios where you need just one object and you dont want to create multiple objects of that particular class. Or simply put restricting construction of more than one object’ Which pattern is it?

  1. Behavioral Pattern
  2. Structural Pattern
  3. Singleton pattern

Ans: 3

32.Which of the following mitigation techniques can be adopted to avoid Broken Authentication
& Session Management problems?


  1. Output Encoding
  2. Hardening user account management
  3. Configuring the appropriate session timeout values

Ans: 1 4

33.Galgerry is a BPO wants to automate all their business models on a cloud that maintains the complexity of the business process and enable faster time to market. They approached a popular cloud service platform to migrate their on-premises systems to cloud. Galgerry also
expects cloud service provider to handle the regulatory compliance. If you are a cloud solution architect, which XaaS you suggest to TrustComm?

a. DaaS
b. CaaS
c. BPaaS
d. SJaaS

Ans: c

34.Ms. Julie has to write a project document that proposes the Configuration Management adoption into the project. Which among the below are the benefits you think Ms. Julie can
quote in her document?

A. Establishes and maintains the integrity of the items that have been placed under its control
B. Accounts for and reports the progress of development efforts
C. Prevents unauthorized access to assets
D. Coordinates, tracks, and manages change activities
E. Facilitates concurrent development


35.Mr. Neil has to create a project document that includes Configuration Item categories in the
project he is currently working on. He has proposed the Configuration
Item categories that are quoted below –
A. Project Documentation
B. Architectures
C. Interfaces
D. Designs
E. Source code and Executable code.
Mr. Vincent is the Configuration Manager in the project. While reviewing the document, Mr Vincent has found that few more configuration item categories can be added
Assume that you are Mr. Vincent and determine few more categories that can be added to
the same

a. Requirements
b. Metrics and Status Reports
C. Databases that include processed data
D. Training materials

Ans: AB

36.In the sprint planning meeting at the, the team along with the PO selects the good one sentence for overall outcome of the sprint

a. Second part of the sprint plan.
b Beginning of sprint planning.
c. Mid of the sprint planning
d End of sprint planning.

Ans: B

37.How to handle alternatives based on the type or how to create pluggable software components?

a None of the above
b Assign responsibility for the behavior using polymorphic operations to the types for
which the behavior vanes
c All of the above

Ans: B

38.Customer walks into an ATM to withdraw money. The money dispensed from the ATM, although the ATM was not able to print its Transaction Receipt as ATM Machine ran out of paper. The Customer got a message on the ATM Screen notifying Unable to print the
transaction receipt”. Which principle of GRASP was utilized to handle this exception?

  1. High Cohesion
  2. Low Coupling
  3. Indirection
  4. Controller
  5. Creator

Ans: 3

39.Identify the state that refers High degree of Coupling

a. Big change can break your code and this could have a disastrous effect on your application
b. Small change can break your code and this could have a disastrous effect on your application
c. Adding a functionality to your application is difficult and effects your application

Ans: b

40.In which situation a looping error will not occur?

a. Loops variables are initialized correctly.
b. Loop conditions are initialized incorrectly or not at all.
c. Loops are terminated incorrectly or not terminated at all.
d Improper nesting occurs.

Ans: b

41.If any team member, accidently, pushed the sensitive information in their project’s private github.com repository, what should be the step he/she has to take immediately?

a. Copied code over to Accenture internal repository hence the code can be protected.
b.Remove the sensitive information from github.com and delete the version history immediately.
c. No action needed as the repository is private and have access to only project team members.
d. Report the issue to ASOC and his/her manager immediately

Ans:ac b

42.why are WIP limits important?

  1. To tie up the system
  2. To ensure smooth flow of things through the system
  3. To make things Complex
  4. Because manager says so


43. Which are the external application-oriented devices that provide application security?

a. WAF
Q b. API Gateway
c. Citrix
d. DAM

Ans:a b c e

44.when an user can fall victim of cross site scripting?

a. User clicks on some link which then shouldn’t be
b. User s browser is compromised
c. User fails to identify the forged links/websites
d. All of the above


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