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1.John has written code that includes multiple methods that is not synonymous with
functionality of it. Many of those methods contain lots of nested statements, hard
coded values and over 500 lines of code. What standard coding patterns would you
suggest to him?

a. Group logically related statements for easy readability
b. Limit the method size between 100 and 150 code lines by refactoring it.
c. It’s okay to have hard-coded values in the same code
d. Name of methods does not matter.

Ans: a,d

2.Kiran needs help in following the rules that must be followed while creating
exception handling strategy. Which rules he must consider from below list?

a. Delay till testing to rectify an incorrect exception.
b. Differentiate between application business and technical exceptions.
c. Think of a strategy for logging exceptions
d. Create meaningful exception messages.

Ans: b c d

3._______ helps the design process, whereas __
is more suitable for integration and functional testing.


Ans: b

4.What are some of the ways test-driven development can benefit a project compared to other technique?

a. Supports continuous integration
b. Reduces the frequency of releases
c. Enhances collaboration among various stakeholders
d. Compresses the available set of test tools

Ans: a c

5.________________ project is a central feature of Jenkins which can be used for general purpose build jobs, combines any SCM with any build
system and can customize tasks. Choose the appropriate option.

a. Freestyle project
b. Maven project
c. Multi-configuration project
d. Multi-branch project

Ans: a

6.Which of the following statements is Valid?

a. An user story is a large epic that is made up of smaller, more granular epics.
b. An epic is a large user story that is made up of smaller, more granular user
c. An epic is the functional specifications, technical specifications, usability
requirements specifications of a user story
d. epic and user story are interchanging used terminologies

Ans: b

7.Which statement best describes the use of Acceptance TDD?

a. Passes acceptance of the tests unto the end-user
b. Tests from the user’s point of view
c. Tests from the customer view without requiring the customer
d. Tests from the managers point of overview

Ans: b

8.Ms. Julie has to write a project document that proposes the Configuration Management adoption into the project. Which among the below are the benefits you think Ms. Julie can quote in her document?

A. Establishes and maintains the integrity of the items that have been placed under
its control
B. Accounts for and reports the progress of development efforts
C. Prevents unauthorized access to assets
D. Coordinates, tracks, and manages change activities
E. Facilitates concurrent development

Ans: A,B,C,D and E

9.Which are the external application-oriented devices that provide application security?

a. WAF
c. DAM
d. Citrix
e. API Gateway

Ans: A,B,C and E

10.What are the components of Accenture Delivery Suite(ADS)?

a. Methods & Estimators, Deliverables, Process, Metrics
b. Methods & Estimators, Tools, Architecture, Metrics
c. Methods & Estimators, Tools, Process, Metrics
d. Methods & Estimators, Deliverables, Architecture, Metrics

Ans: b

11.What is the work / assets grouped by business area?

a. Stage
b. Activity or Discipline
c. Workstream

Ans: c

12.Ms. Tina working in a development of an application. She would like to trigger Jenkins job whenever there is a change detected either in the code or branches or any where in the code repository. Which build trigger option will be more suitable.

a. Trigger builds remotely using scripts
b. Facilitates periodic build
c. Poll SCM
d. GitHub hook trigger for GitSCM polling

Ans: c

13.What is Takt Time?

a. Customer Request Received/Cycle Time
b. Customer Demand Rate/Time Available
c. Customer Demand Rate/Time Already Spend
d. Customer Request Received/Lead Time

Ans: b

14.Linda, an AWS cloud administrator, used to generate a soft token in her mobile every
time she used to login to AWS cloud console as part of cloud application security
Which of the following type of Identity access this action refers to?

a. Federated Identity management
b. Token based authentication
c. Single Sign-on/off
d. Multifactor authentication

Ans: d

15.The trend of work remaining across time in a sprint, a release, or a product, with work remaining tracked on the vertical axis and the time periods tracked on the horizontal axis is called?

a. Burndown Chart
b. Parking lot Chart
c. Progress Chart
d. Burnup Chart

Ans: a

16.Mr John is working for an E-commerce application, There are various interdependent components to this application like Payment Provider, and Gateway, etc.. Choose CORRECT options for suitable testing needs to be performed to test the whole solution.

a. Component testing
b. Module Testing
c. API Testing
d. Integration Testing

Ans: d

17.Digital asset management comes in the form of a software or appliance device that can be used on which of the following?

a. on-premises
b. All electronic gadgets
c. cloud-based model
d. Mobiles and laptops

Ans: a c

18.Once the Configuration Management team determines the appropriate level of CM control. ABC Utility is trying to determine which CM Tool to use. Assume that you are part of CM team and select the appropriate tool to use. Choose exactly THREE
correct options.

a. VSS(Visual SourceSafe)
b. PVCS(Poly Version Control System)
c. Mercurial
d. GitLab

Ans: a b c

19.Which areas of a code layout must be considered to reduce comments on methods and reduce errors?

a. Naming conventions
b. Indentation
c. The use of white space
d. Blocks of code

Ans: a b c d

20.How to combine low coupling and make sure to reuse?

a. Closely look at domain/design model to locate the classes with low coupling.
Use an existing class to take the responsibility of functionality causing low
coupling and also the functionality has high potential for reuse.
b. Assign the responsibility to an intermediate object to mediate between other
components or services so that they are not directly coupled
c. Both 1 & 2
d. Only 1

Ans: c

21.Mr. Anthony is the Configuration Manager for the ABC Utility. He has to plan Configuration Management. Planning CM has a set of sequential steps associated with it. Assume that you are part of CM Team and arrange the steps which are
mentioned below in the sequential order while planning CM.

A. Levels of Control.
B. Selecting CIs
C. Determining categories of CM
D. Naming Conventions
E. Configuration Items(CIs)

Ans: C,A,E,D,B

22.A malicious or unexpected data is somehow programmatically fed into the application leading to compromise of security. What kind of hacking is this?

a. Injection
b. Broken security or authentication
c. Insecure Direct Object Reference
d. Cross site scripting

Ans: a

23.Which of the following definitions provided by various personnel’s would correctly
depicts CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT and is the most appropriate?
EVANA defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT as what we do to make sure we have
backed up our work.
DANIEL defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT as same thing as version control .
GABRIEL defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT as the process of identifying,
communicating, implementing, documenting, and managing work products in a
structured and repeatable way.
JOE defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT is just for code, making sure right code
gets into the project at right time.

a. GABRIEL’s definition
b. DANIEL’s definition
c. EVANA’s definition
d. JOE’s definition

Ans: a

24.What are the ADM 5 main focus areas?

a. Testing
b. Planning
c. Development
d. Management
e. Operations

Ans: a b d c e

25.Which SOLID principle helps the use to develop less coupled code by ensuring the high level modules depend on abstraction rather than concrete implementations of lower level modules?

a. Dependency Inversion Principle
b. Interface segregation
c. Open Closed Principle
d. Single responsibility

Ans: a

26.If we need to apply design patterns, can we do it without the principles of objectoriented programing and standards?

a. Yes, Design Patterns are logical and comprehensive sequencing of elements
with procedural principles
b. Yes, Design Patterns can be formed by principles, any programing language
and standard
c. No, Design Patterns are logical and comprehensive sequencing of elements
with object-oriented principles only

Ans: c

27.Identify the correct order of risk investigation and rating process.

A. Probability that that risk could be realized against an asset
B. Identification of potential risk areas
C. Risk investigation and rating process
D. Severity level of the risk
E. Defining the risk impact
F. Mitigation listing


28.Why are policies required for a project?

a. Everybody is on the same page
b. It helps one understand what needs to be done for that particular column
c. All of the above
d. Make things easy to understand

Ans: c

29.What was seen in application over time, which creates the need of solutions which could also be used in other projects?

a. More effective and efficient process
b. Faster time to market
c. Complexity of application and managing business

Ans: c

30.This pattern evaluates scenarios where you need just one object and you don’t want to create multiple objects of that particular class. Or simply put restricting construction of more than one object” Which pattern is it?

a. Structural Pattern
b. Behavioral Pattern
c. Singleton pattern

Ans: c

31.Identify the important levels for Optimization from the following

a. Run time Level
b. Compile Level
c. Assembly Level
d. Design Level

Ans: b

32.For handling errors in ABC project code base, Sam has been assigned task for
creating exceptions. Which guidelines he must follow while writing exceptions?

a. Always handle the exception as it is an unusual event that may occur. 
b. Create new types of exceptions to handle any kind of situation if need be. 
c. Write exceptions in usual flow of program.
d. No need to document exceptions.

Ans: a b

33.A team has completed 10 Sprints and moving to the 11th Sprint. Till Sprint 10, the team
has achieved an average of 50 story points per sprint. The same is projected as their
velocity for the upcoming sprints with the Client. What is this approach called?

a. Commitment Driven Velocity
b. Velocity Driven Commitment
c. Commitment Driven Sprint Planning
d. Velocity Driven Sprint Planning

Ans: d

34.What are the responsibilities of the Change Control Board? Choose exactly TWO correct options.

a. Represent the interests of the Project Manager and any groups who are not
affected by changes to the baselines.
b. Authorize the creation of products from the RTM library.
c. Monitor changes and updates to the project requirements as part of CM.
d. Review and authorize changes to the baselines.

Ans: c d

35.How did object-oriented programming systems handle complexity better than procedural process?

a. Handling each task in isolation ensuring that we have the right degree of
coupling in cohesion
b. All the procedures were treated as an identifiable behavior of an object 
c. Tasks were divided into a number of sub tasks

Ans: b

36.Manoj from network and Infrastructure team was to update the firewall rules on
Saturday night to disable any requests coming from EU region into the banking
application as the business was recently closed in EU. However, Manoj missed doing
this update while working on other requests. What kind of security threat is the bank
now vulnerable to?

a. Broken Authentication
b. Security Misconfiguration
c. Cross site scripting
d. Insufficient attack protection

Ans: b

37.Mr. Jacob is an ethical hacker. He wants to intrude into mail box of his friend john to
access his personal information.
So he logged into the mail account which resulted in the URL as shown below –
He replaces j4jacob with his friends user id john123. Now the update URL is –
He tries with this URL and he could access the mail box of his friend John. What type
of vulnerability you have noticed in the above scenario?

a. Cross Site Scripting
b. Broken Access Controls
c. SQL Injection
d. Broken Authentication

Ans: d

38.Mr John has developed a software program and to make his program run faster he
allows portion of the program to reside in a computer’s memory. However, this
approach will cause the program to consume more memory. As a result, the
program will be optimized in terms of speed, but will be inefficient in terms of
memory utilization. What Mr. John is trying to achieve in this scenario?

a. Speed Optimization
b. Code Optimization
c. Memory utilization
d. Memory Optimization

Ans: b

39.Which of the following is the description for the Level 1 OWASP threat assessment maturity practice?

a. Identify and understand the high level threats to the organization and
individual projects
b. Map compensating controls to each threat against the internal and thirdparty software
c. Increase the accuracy of the threat assessment and improve granularity of
per-project understanding.

Ans: a

40.Complete the statements- Accenture Delivery Suite (or ADS) is our standard delivery
framework designed to help our teams “_” results.

a. workable, smooth, reliable and high-quality results
b. efficient, predictable, reliable and high-quality results
c. fast, efficient, predictable, reliable and high-quality results
d. smooth, efficient, predictable, reliable and high-quality results

Ans: c

41.Dr. Neil, Professor of an University, whose main work is on Agile and DevOps. He has
quoted some challenges that the DevOps is facing predominantly.

A. Developer Vs Operations mindset
B. Transition from legacy infrastructure for deployments to microservices
C. Resistance to the changes
Which among the above is the CORRECT challenge(s) that DevOps is/are facing?

a. A, B and C
b. Both B and C
c. Only B
d. Only A

Ans: a

42.How did object-oriented programing systems handle complexity better than procedural process?

a. All the procedures were treated as an identifiable behavior of an object. 
b. Tasks were divided into a number of sub tasks
c. Handling each task in isolation ensuring that we have the right degree of
coupling in cohesion

Ans: a

43.Joshua being a project manager, need to suggest methods to developers of project
so that client become high-performance businesses by delivering high-quality code. Which are they?

a. Implementing the practice of peer reviews.
b. Using automated code review tools, if permitted by client
c. Follow the Accenture Code Quality Model
d. Adhere to Accenture Delivery Methods best practices and guidelines

Ans: a b c d

44.Sprint Retrospective ceremony can include an analysis of how the recent sprint went
with respect to which of the following?

a. All of the options
b. Process
c. People
d. Tools

Ans: a

45.If any team member, accidently , pushed the sensitive information in their project’s
private repository, what should be the step he/she has to take immediately?

a. Report the issue to ASOC and his/her manager immediately
b. Copied code over to Accenture internal repository hence the code can be
c. Remove the sensitive information from and delete the version
history immediately.
d. No action needed as the repository is private and have access to only
project team members.

Ans: a c

46.What are various lines of businesses that Accenture Delivery Suite(ADS) support?

a. Technology, Digital, Operations, and Strategy
b. Technology, Industry, Operations, Security, and Strategy
c. Technology, Digital, Operations, Security, and Cloud
d. Technology, Digital, Operations, Security, and Strategy

Ans: d

47.What is the function of a federated identity?

a. Enables users to gain access to an application with a federated user name
b. Enables users of an application to use the same authentication for other
application by the same application
c. Enables users of one secure domain to securely access resources in another
domain seamlessly
d. Enables users to be certified to use specific applications

Ans: c

48.What are the two important objectives when adding testing code to a project?

a. Use normal design criteria to embed test code directly into units
b. Ensure test-related code is isolated
c. Prevent test code from being compiled into production code
d. Run integration tests on the final release to ensure test code is present

Ans: c b

49.What is the best approach in Design Patterns in coding?

a. Writing codes with the highest possible coupling and the Lowest possible
b. Writing codes with the lowest possible coupling and the highest possible
c. Writing codes with the highest possible coupling and the highest possible

Ans: b

50.What are guidelines that needs to be followed for managing bottlenecks during optimization?

a. Do not cache the result.
b. Do performance testing on critical methods carrying business logic
c. Increase memory space to make the program efficient in terms of speed.
d. Identifying benefits of implementing complex algorithm does not out weigh
the time taken to create it

Ans: b c d

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