Communication In English Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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Communication In English Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. Which of the following does NOT involve

communicating in the workplace?
A) Answering customer letters
B) Listening to instructions
C) Lifting heavy boxes
D) Working on a team project 
Ans : C 

2. Which of the following is an example of non verbal communication?

A) An online blog where employees in
different cities can share ideas
B) A company logo designed to project the
organization’s image
C) An e-mail message reminding employees
of an upcoming staff meeting
D) A phone call from an attorney to a client 
Ans : B 

3. Effective business communication

A) decreases the number of positive responses
to requests on the first try.
B) increases reading time.
C) increases the time that it takes
disagreements to surface.
D) builds a positive image of your
Ans : D 

4. Which of the following is an example of an internal document?

A) A performance appraisal of an employee
after his first six months on the job
B) A corporation’s annual report released at
the end of the year
C) A claims adjustment letter that grants a
refund to a customer for a faulty product
D) A price quote for the purchase of new
Ans : D 

5. Which of the following is an external audience of an organization? 

A) Peers
B) Superiors
C) Subordinates
D) Stockholders 
Ans : D 

6. Organizations expect writing to be professional and free from typographical and grammatical errors, so it makes sense to

A) rely exclusively on spell check software
B) depend on secretaries to do all of your
C) edit and proofread your written documents
carefully and more than once.
D) have documents sent out to a professional
printer to have copies made 
Ans : C 

7. Writing skills for professionals in the workplace

A) are rarely used because the Internet has
significantly reduced the need to write
B) are not required because secretaries do
most of the writing for professionals.
C) are not necessary since form letters and
pre-designed templates are now available.
D) are a key job requirement that is frequently
listed in professional job descriptions. 
Ans : D 

8. When writing is not as good as it could be, you and your organization pay the price in all of the following EXCEPT:

A) Ineffective results
B) Reduced workload
C) Wasted time
D) Lost goodwill 
Ans : B 

9. The primary purpose of a document that is written to convince readers to change their opinions is to

A) answer a question
B) building goodwill
C) persuade
D) inform 
Ans : C 

10. Which of the following is NOT an important aspect of working in teams? 

A) Drawing on each team member’s strengths
B) Resolving conflicts constructively
C) Cooperating with others
D) Assigning your work to others 
Ans : D 

11. Which of the following is NOT a reason that people typically put things in writing?

A) To give themselves visibility within the
B) To brainstorm ideas for a group decision
C) To make the information convenient for
the audience to access
D) To create a record 
Ans : B

12. Which of the following is a technical error in a written document rather than a weakness in the document’s style?

A) Misspelled word
B) Vague request
C) Legalistic language
D) Selfish tone 
Ans : A 

13. Every business organization that has many employees has

A) a flat communication structure.
B) stockholder.
C) a grapevine
D) an intranet. 
Ans : C 

14. In a business setting, conventions

A) are non-routine practices that employees
must learn.
B) include unusual occurrences in a business
that are outside of the norms.
C) are routine, widely accepted ways of
thinking and doing things.
D) are new ways of conducting business as a
result of enhanced technologies. 
Ans : C 

15. As more people compete for fewer jobs, the ones who will build successful careers are those who 

A) learn to delegate well when working in
B) communicate well with customers and
C) actively work to change an organization’s
D) are able to work well alone most of the
Ans : B 

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