Cognitive Assessment Questions & Answers

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Q1. A number when divided by a divisor D leaves a remainder of 13. When thrice the number is divided by D, the remainder obtained is 2. Find the number of possibilities of D.

A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3

Answer: Option B Explanation: Let the number be ‘N’ which when divided by D leaves a remainder 13. Let the quotient be n. Given, N = nD + 13 3N = 3(nD+13) = 3nD + 39 But the remainder here is 2. Which means the number has to be (39-2) = 37. Number of possibilities = 1

Q2. If 23XY59 is a number with all distinct digits and divisible by 11, then the two-digit number XY will be _________.

A. 61 or 17 B. 63 or 17 C. 23 or 43 D. 61 or 19

Answer: Option A Explanation: We know, that for divisibility test for 11, it is difference between the sum of the alternate terms must be ‘0’ or a multiple of 11. Substituting values from the options, 3+1+9 = 13, 2+6+5 = 13. 13 – 13 = 0 3+7+9 = 19, 2+1+5 = 8 19 – 8 = 11 Answer: 61 or 17

Q3. A, working alone can make a cabinet in 12 days. B will take 6 days more than A to do the same work. A and B along with the help of C completes it in 5 days. If they are paid Rs. 9000 for the job, find C’s share.

A. Rs.2750 B. Rs. 2500 C. Rs.2250 D. None

Answer: Option A Explanation: Total work to be done 180 Chocolates So, C = 36 – 25 = 11 Choc/d Efficiency ratio of A, B and C = 15: 10: 11 The fraction of work done by C is 11/36th and hence C’s share is (11/36)9000 = Rs. 2750

Q4. Jack bought 10 apples, 15 pears and Jill bought 20 apples and
some pears. Jack paid Rs. 20 for his purchase and Jill paid Rs. 40 for his purchase. How many pears did Jill buy?

A. 45 B. 30 C. 15 D. Cannot be determined

Answer: Option B

Q5. The ratio of a father’s age to his son’s age is 4 : 1. The product of their ages is 196. What will be the ratio of their ages after 5 years?

A. 3:2 B. 4:11

C. 11:4
D. 4:1

Answer: Option C

Q6. There are two boxes with numerous balls in them. The first box has 13 red and 17 white balls. The second box has 12 red and 8 green balls. If one of those boxes is selected at random and a ball is selected at random from the selected box, what is the probability that the selected ball will be white?

A. 17/30 B. 17/50
C. 17/60
D. 29/60

Answer: Option C

Q7. If all the possible words using the letters of the word ‘DRAW’ are formed without repetition and arranged in alphabetical order, what will be the position of the word ‘WARD’?

A. 23
B. 24
C. 19
D. 20

Answer: Option D

Q8. In the first 5 overs of a cricket game, the run rate was 4.6. What should be the run rate in the remaining 15 overs to reach the target of 183 run in 20 overs match?

A. 6.25 B. 10.5
C. 10.67
D. 10.75

Answer: Option C

Q9. Monish started a business by investing Rs. 80000. Six months later, Mani joined him with a capital of Rs. 140000. If at the end of the year, the total profit is Rs. 37500, then what is Mani’s share of profit?

A. 25000 B. 17500 C. 15000 D. None

Answer: Option B

Q10. If the word “TEST” is coded as “UHXA”, then which word will be coded as “NDWR”?


Answer: Option C

Q11. 2, 44, 4, 41, 6, 38, 8, ?

A. 10 B. 35
C. 32
D. 31

Answer: Option B

Q12. On seeing a photograph of a boy, Arun said, “He is the son of the only son of my mother.” How is Arun related to that boy?

A. Brother B. Uncle C. Cousin D. Father

Answer: Option D

Directions for questions 13 to 15: For the following three questions,
mark your answer as
A) If statement (i) alone is sufficient to answer the question.
B) If statement (ii) alone is sufficient to answer the question.
C) If both statements together are sufficient to answer the question.
D) If either of the statements alone is sufficient to answer the question.
E) If the question cannot be answered using both the statements.

Q13. What is the distance from City A to City C?
I. City A is 90 km from City B
II. City B is 30 km from City C

Answer: Option E

Q14. Among five friends A, B, C, D and E who is the tallest?
I. D is taller than A and C
II. B is shorter than E but taller than D

Answer: Option D

Q15. A piece of string 6 feet long is cut into three smaller pieces. How long is the longest of the three pieces?
I. Two pieces are of the same length
II. One piece is 3 feet 2 inches long

Answer: Option B

Q16. Which part of the sentence has an error?
Either his friends (A)/ or he (B)/ has to submit (C)/ their project proposal by next week. (D).

Answer: Part D

Q17. Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is ‘D’. (Ignore – the errors of punctuation, if any):

(A)It is high time / (B) that we leaved / (C) this place. / (D) No error

Answer: Part B

Q18. Fill in the blank.
The history of Hindu religion dates __ ancient times.

A. From B. For
C. Since D.None of the options

Answer: Option C

Q19. Please convert the voice of the given sentence.
Let the door please be closed at once.

A. Close the door at once
B. Please close the door at once
C. Let the door be closed at once
D. You are advised to close the door at once

Answer: Option B

Q20. Fill in the blank.
The court has yet to serve him _ summons for the suit met against him.

A. On B. With C. To D. None of the options

Answer: Option B

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