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Which of the following statements BEST describe why Agile is winning

A Products produced by an Agile approach are cheaper than those produced by any other approach
B Agile increases the chances of delivering early business value to the market and quickly incorporate
the feedback from the market usage
C Products have faster time to market but may not meet immediate customer needs
D Products are expensive when compared with products produced by other approaches, but are of top quality

Ans: B

Which of these is a benefit of Agile?

A Reduced Risk
B Faster time to market
C Ability to respond to changing requirements
D Improved collaboration between business and technical team
E All of these

Ans: E

The Agile approach to documentation is:

A Do no documentation as it is a waste of time
B Do just enough documentation to support the development and use of the product
C Do sufficient documentation to prove you have done a good job
D Do more documentation than usual, because Agile is risky
E Agile manifestation mandates zero documentation

Ans: b

The Agile way is:

A To produce working software of high business value and of the right quality, early and incrementally
B To produce working software only after requirements documentation has been signed of by the
Product Owner
C To produce simple prototypes early, and release all only at the end of the project
D Each developer to sit with business every day, code as they mutually discuss, and move to production
when the business seems satisfied

Ans: a

increasing number of TCS customers are moving to the Agile way of working. Why is this a true statement?

A For last few years, there is a double digit increment in number of Agile projects (per iPMS) year on
B In 90% of executive conversations, customers bring in Agile as a topic of conversation
C For all new engagements, TCS mandates Agile
D This is not a true statement
E Both A and B

Ans: E

What is the purpose of Sprint Review?

A Product Owner can show the progress to the stakeholders and get the approval to release the work to
the production
B To assess the Team’s productivity and possibly record the assessment score against the performance
C To inspect the working software with the key stakeholders and take the insights from the feedback to
next Sprint
D So that the Scrum Team can reorganize for the next Sprint
E Stakeholders and team discuss the Sprint Backlog for next Sprint

Ans: E

Who manages the Team’s work during a Sprint?

A The Scrum Master manages the people so they can complete the work
B The team manages the work by self-organizaton
C The Product Owner manages the work

Ans: B

Scrum defines …. roles, …. events and …. Artifacts

A 3-5-3
B 5-3-3
C 3-3-5
D 5-5-3

Ans: A

Who owns the Product Backlog?

A Scrum Team
B Product Owner
C Scrum Master
D Business Analyst
E Technical Lead

Ans: B

Which of the following statements are correct?

A Agile and Design Thinking are same
B Design Thinking is about Product Development. Agile manifesto is about Sofware Development
C Design Thinking is finding the right things and Agile is about building the right things
D Design Thinking is building the right things and Agile is about finding the right things

Ans: B C

…. Improves the flow of Business idea through its development and release to users

A Good Requirements Management Tool
B Waterfall method
C DevOps practces
D Beta release
E Change Control Board (CCB)

Ans: C

What is Kanban Board?

A A list of the actvites banned by the team
B The set of Can Have requirements
C A visible chart depictng the work to be done, work in progress and work done
D Board that captures the details of the entre project for audit purpose

Ans: C

What is the purpose of Sprint burndown chart?

A It is used to measure utlizaton of the development team
B It is used to measure defects introduced during the Sprint
C It is used to measure how much work is yet to be done to reach Sprint goal
D It is used to measure how fast the Product Owner turns around on the queries

Ans: C

Providing additional feature without clear understanding of the business need – What is the category of waste?

A Inventory
B We do it all the time. It is not a waste
C Over Production
D Defects
E Over Processing

Ans: e

Ron has just started as a Scrum Master for an Agile team. He has acquired knowledge by reading multiple sources. After practicing Scrum for a while on the job, he is looking for a certification to benchmark. What can be recommended for him?

A Scrum Master Accredited Certficate (SMAC)
B SAFe Agilist (SA)
C Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I)

Ans: C

Charles is very knowledgeable on Scrum. He joined a Scrum Team where the Scrum Master is Magneto. Contrary to his expectation of Scrum Master as a coach, he finds that Magneto acts like a traditional manager. Magneto controls the team heavily by assigning the tasks and leading the Daily Scrum meetings to collect the percentage of task completion. What is recommended for Charles?

A Be prepared to face such ant paterns and work together with the team to contnuously improve and
eliminate ant-paterns
B Correct his understanding of Scrum and accept that Scrum Master is the Team’s manager
C Protest about this at the earliest possible Team meetng and let others know he is more
knowledgeable about Scrum

Ans: A

Martin is from the TCS BPS team. As part of TCS Agile vision, he was recommended to atain E0 competency in Agile. Martin was thinking that Agile was only for software. How could Agile knowledge help Martin in his work?

A Martn is right. Agile principles are not useful outside sofware development
B XP and DevOps can help in Robotc Process Automaton
C Agile principles can help contnuously improving BPS Processes

Ans: C

Agile manifesto has …. Values and …. Principles

A 4, 10
B 6, 12
C 4, 12
D 4, 4
E 3, 5

Ans: C

Match the framework to is author(s) in the order of listing: Scrum; Crystal; Extreme Programming

A Kent Beck; Alistair Cockburn; Ken Schwaber and Jef Sutherland
B Ken Schwaber and Jef Sutherland; Kent Beck; Alistair Cockburn
C Ken Schwaber and Jef Sutherland; Alistair Cockburn; Kent Beck
D Alistair Cockburn; Ken Schwaber and Jef Sutherland; Kent Beck
E Takeuchi and Nonaka; Alistair Cockburn; Kent Beck

Ans: C

Which of the following statements about changing requirements in software development, are correct?

A In traditonal way of sofware development, once the requirements are baselined, further changes
should undergo heavy change control process
B Change are acceptable tll design but once development starts, any further change should be rejected
C In traditonal way of sofware development, once the requirements are base lined, further changes can
be easily accepted with light process
D Organizatons must adapt to rapidly changing market conditons to stay relevant in business

Ans: C D

Which one is a popular tool used in Agile software development

A Rexx
B Jenkins
C MS Powerpoint
D Tally

Ans: B

Noor’s Scrum Team had a great Sprint Review of a new feature with their Product Owner. Product Owner was happy with the new feature, and wanted to release the feature to user. But, the Scrum Team cannot do it themselves because product environment is owned by the company’s IT operations team. Scrum Team was directed to create a ticket with IT operations for product release, and wait for a week for an Ops engineer to manually work on the ticket. What is missing in this environment?

A Feedback
B Flow
C Continuous Improvement

Ans: B

In Daily Scrum, team member’s share yesterday’s progress and the plan for next 24 hrs with ….

A Scrum Master
B Product Owner
C Fellow team members
D Management representatve

Ans: C

A team is having the first Sprint Planning meeting. What are the activities that the team must perform during the meeting?

A The team must discuss the problems encountered in the earlier project
B Team choses the Product Backlog Items to work in the Sprint and crafs a Sprint Goal
C Team must draw up the Release Plan for the final product
D Each team member should come prepared with their version of the plan
E The team must look at the project plan prepared by the Product Owner and understand their tasks

Ans: B

What BEST describes a Scrum Team?

A Small but have enough members to create the Product Increment
B Collaborate with each other to self-organize their work
C Team members must be specialists
D Cross Functonal
E Reports to Product Owner

Ans:A B D

Why were the practitioners of ‘alterative software development methods’ not satisfied with the traditional waterfall method?

A Waterfall is not a lightweight process
B The practtoners did not like to work in a formal system and hence did not like any ‘methodology’ at all
C Waterfall experience did not add value to their resume
D Waterfall model failed to meet the demand for speed and was not friendly towards changing business
needs and priorites

Ans:A B D

Industry surveys show that in traditional approach, users do not use nearly 60% of the features delivered. What do you think are the probable causes?

A These features were developed based on inital assumptons about the user requirements, but
assumption turned out to be wrong
B By the tme the features were delivered, the market and user requirements had changed
C The marketing team did not advertise the product features

Ans: A B c

Which of the following BEST represent the Scrum approach to planning?

A Planning is a contnuous actvity done jointly by Scrum Master and Product Owner
B Detailed planning is done upfront and not revisited
C Whole team together does just enough upfront planning followed by contnuous planning throughout
the project
D Only planning in Scrum is the Sprint Planning
E Daily Scrum is one of the planning events

Ans: BE

Agile for Beginners’ course is intended towards motivating you to learn more about Agile, so that you can become

A Project Leader
B Agile Practtoner
C Project Manager
D Certfied Manager
E None of the above

Ans: B

John, a Team member has completed E0 – Agile for Beginners. He wants to contribute to TCS Agile Vision. He wants to find out what is planned for his account. Whom should he contact for details?

A Account Leadership
B Customer Leadership
C HR Manager

Ans: A

Which of these are the needed actions to realize TCS vision of “0-4-2”?

A Agile Ready Partnership
B All get Agile Certfied
C Agile Ready Workforce

D Agile Ready Workplace

Ans: A C D

Jerald is a leader of TCS Customer Account. He learnt that the company’s aspiration on Agile is to become
100% Agile by 2020. He gathered his Agile Experts within the account and asked them for a plan to transition from current way of working to 100% Agile way of working as defined in the text book. Jerald correctly understood TCS aspiration


Which is these are Agile estimation techniques

A Full upfront Estmates
B Planning Poker
C Work Breakdown Structure
D T Shirt sizing
E Random Distributon

Ans: B D

Lee joins a project team that attempts to build a consumer device with embedded software. The team is adopting 2-week sprint. Lee notices that the project must produce an outcome that will be highly adoptable print by the users to become successful. After every Sprint Review, the Product Owner keeps changing the Product vision and makes contradictory statements about user needs. What can be suggested for this environment?

Apply design thinking first for inital phase and then bring in Agile later

Which framework prescribes User Story as the format for backlog items?


Which one of these is NOT an XP practice?

Extreme Reviews

Which of the following BEST describes the approach for determining the Sprint length in Scrum?

The team must collectvely agree on the length of the Sprint based on business needs and technical
team’s ability, subject to a maximum of one month

The Product Owner in a Scrum Project ….

A Has no control over the prioritzaton of Product Backlog Items
B Has the final authority over the prioritzaton of Product Backlog Items
C Collaborates with the developers over prioritzaton of Product Backlog items, but the developers have
the final say
D Creates the Product Backlog Items but leaves prioritzaton to Business Analyst

Ans: B D

Sprint itself is an event in Scrum


How should work be allocated to the team in a Scrum project?

Team members must volunteer for tasks appropriate to their skills

Munnabhai know the four Agile Manifesto by heart. However, he was confused when a customer spoke with him highlighting Agile characteristics of short software development cycles of iterations. He could not recollect anything about short iterations in Agile Manifesto. What did he miss to learn

A Agile Principles
B Agile Guidelines
C Agile Methods
D Agile Phases

Ans: A C

Which of these are Scrum ant patterns?

A Programmers as on Scrum Team and Testers as another Scrum Team
B Scrum Master as a servant leader
C Scrum Team with 20 members
D Cross Functonal team
E Sprint duraton of 6 weeks

Ans: A B C E

Design Thinking is another name for Agile Manifesto


On the last day of the Sprint, a Scrum Team named Almost Done is ready to show their work but requires just 2 more days to complete the testng. What should the Scrum Master recommend

Close the sprint on time

The reason for holding regular Sprint Retrospective is:

Provides an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for Improvements to be
enacted during the next Sprint

The tme box for a Daily Scrum is …

15 minutes

What does NOT match with Agile Manifesto?

Contract negotation over customer collaboration

Agile Teams need to comply by the Agile Values and Principles but have flexibility to choose appropriate value adding practices


There are two Product Development Teams. Team ToyZon and Team Zon. Team ToyZon follows traditional
way and Team Zon follows Agile way of working. Which team has the higher chance to provide early benefits to the Customer?

Team Zons

Only these people are allowed to atend Sprint Retrospective

Product Owner and Development Team

Product Owner and Scrum Master can be the same person


Eric has been working for a customer who has been following Agile for quite some time now. He is quite hands-on with Scrum and acquired PSM I certification already. The customer may soon move to a large scale Agile. Which other certification may be beneficial for Eric so he can be prepared to help the customer?

Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II)

Agile principles can be only used for software development


What do all Agile frameworks have in common?

A A prescribed, fixed length
B Lightweight approach that allows the self-organized teams to beter respond to business requirements
C Iteratve and Incremental development
D A clear step-by-step process for sofware development

Ans: B C

The Scrum team is using the Kanban board to make work visually available to all. What CANNOT be inferred from the board?

Tasks move from left to right

TCS Agile vision ‘100% Agile by 2020’ means

A TCS to be regarded by the market and our customers as 100% right partner/advisor for Agile
B Every project in TCS must follow all practces of Extreme Programming
C 100% of TCS associates must be at least at Agile E3 competency
D TCS to be regarded as 100% Enterprise Agile Company
E There should not be any Agile related non-compliance in the project audits

Ans:A D E

Kris is an experienced Project Manager with a customer project where he commands the teams and micro manages the team members at task level. How can he help the TCS Agile vision?

Proactvely up-skill with skills needed to work in Agile Roles

A Scrum Team works on a 4 weeks Sprint. After few Sprints, the team finds that they spend more effort on unit testing, as the code base size has increased. What can be BEST recommended for this team?

Adopt practices like test automaton from other frameworks like XP

Who owns quality in a Scrum Team?

Product Owner

Juaraz is a TCS Delivery Partner of customer ABC, having an Agile Team in one location. He plans to expand this Agile Team. He arrives at a plan to setup the expanded team in another location. For an effective distributed agile between different locations, what is recommended?

Leverage the guidelines from the TCS Point of View on distributed agile (Locaton Independent Agile)

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